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"It looks like a little sangito": Racist comments drive resignation of one of Los Angeles' most powerful Latino politicians

“It looks like a little sangito”: Racist comments drive resignation of one of Los Angeles’ most powerful Latino politicians

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Nouri Martinez has resigned as president of the Los Angeles City Council.

Los Angeles City Council President Nuri Martinez, one of the city’s most powerful Latino politicians, resigned Monday after a controversy created by leaked racist comments.

Among other derogatory comments, he claimed he was the African-American son of Councilman Mike Bone. “Looks like a monkey” (Little Monkey). And he compared it to a companion his colleague wears “on his side”. “He brings it like this. During Black History Month (…). He brings his black boy As in page“.

The comments were made in the context of Meeting held in October 2021 with Council Members Gil Cedillo and Kevin De Leon and Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera.

After the scandal broke, Herrera also announced his resignation on Monday, saying he had engaged in “intolerant and racist” behavior.