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He showed how "dangerous" the neighborhood is in America and the reaction was: "What world do you live in?"

He showed how “dangerous” the neighborhood is in America and the reaction was: “What world do you live in?”

Sandra is a popular Spanish TikToker dedicated to creating content about her life in America.. Additionally, he regularly shares some of the interests of the sites he visits no chance Know the North American country.

In one of his last videos, he decided to “take a little risk” as he put it, and visited one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in his area.Although not everyone got the idea right, as they stonewalled it in the comments.

Before he showed up, his account @Aquisandrox, What used to be a “nice” neighborhood in America, so now he wanted to contrast it with one of the “poorest.”, she called. Without mentioning where he was, he entered the most dangerous streets and taught in front of the cameras How about houses with trailers and fences around them.

The reality of living in America is not the same for everyoneThere are worse neighborhoods than this, but this one This is the most dangerous part of my city. I hope you want to see this reality as much as you wanted to see the beautiful part,” Sandra said in the description of her video.

According to TikToker, it’s the “dangeriest” neighborhood in America

Unlike other parts of North American cities, he explained. The properties had barbed wire on their boundaries to prevent others from entering. In addition, there were many animals on the loose, and he noticed another big difference in terms of patriotism: No one has flags in their front yards, something that is not very common. Finally, he noted that the residents of the neighborhood were watching him through their windows because it seemed strange to them that he was recording like that. He decided it was better to leave early.

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His video went viral and received dozens of comments, especially from people They criticized her for listing the neighborhood as humble and dangerous at the same time. Additionally, in Latin America that property belongs to those with high purchasing power, so the images he portrays are not very convincing, at least in the eyes of many of his followers.

By low class I mean underground class”, “It is high quality and safe in Latin America”, “It is much nicer than the residential area where I live”, “Just because it’s tame doesn’t mean it’s dangerous, what world do you live in?”Some of the comments he received.

Obviously, People don’t like that he’s putting low-income citizens at risk, But the Spaniards were singularly in denial: “It is a very dangerous neighborhood, it is not very humble, although it has the cheapest houses in the city because it is dangerous. I never compare how dangerous other countries are, but, Why, though your cities are so dangerous, Can’t I show mine?”.

According to this ticktoker, this is what the houses in the most dangerous and modest neighborhood in his area look like@aquisandrax/TikTok

Further, He made it clear that he would not enter other places where crime was rampantBut there’s no doubt that what he showed in his clip was real: “Yes, it’s dangerous, obviously I’m not going to go into the bad street. They buy things behind me, but this is the worst part of my town. “If I wanted to say humble neighborhood, I would have said that, but it’s a very dangerous neighborhood, not very humble,” Sandra concluded in the Complex Comments section.

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