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“Investors’ sales are not increasing” |  daily menu

“Investors’ sales are not increasing” | daily menu

the Severe wind chill In these summer months the Dominican calmness affects. However, joining this major inconvenience is also Shortage of electrical servicewhich issues continuous reports of power outages throughout Greater Santo Domingo.

Although there is Electrical faults It has become very popular in recent months, according to many residents of the capital Reflective merchants do not increase their sales exponentially.

Small, medium and large companies confirmed during a tour of the electronic sales sites located in Avenida 30 de Marzo, National Region, that Investor demands remain normal. William Nunez, who has been a battery kiosk owner for 15 years, said sales weren’t a positive but would depend on customer loyalty.

“Keep it going, the power outage didn’t affect sales but us We always sell because we have good customersMarina Castro, who is in charge of selling an electric company, confirmed what Nunez said, because some families had previously bought out investors.

“What happens is that many homes already had inverters, and so they turn to us just for inverter batteries,” he declared. but, Other sellers confirmed that production and sales have increased slightly On National Mother’s Day, many men bought drums for their mothers.

One respondent said, “In May they went up a bit because of the moms, but outside of that everything was normal.” In stores where you can buy adapters Prices range from RD$9,000 to RD$40,000, Since it affects capacity, time of use, and where it’s purchased, and some require 2 batteries for RD$12,000 and up.


Recently, Andres Julio Portes, former general manager of the Eastern Electricity Distribution Company (Edisti), explained that There is a difference between a blackout and a meltdownindicating that the power outage no longer occurs, but this breakdown may occur.

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the reasons

These anomalies can be caused by an outdated system, circuit loading, erratic installations and theft, but they are corrected, the official explained to LISTÍN DIARIO.