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Senator suggests Jeff Bezos go into space at the expense of Americans who “really pay their taxes”

Senator suggests Jeff Bezos go into space at the expense of Americans who “really pay their taxes”


June 12, 2021 13:53 GMT

Elizabeth Warren said Amazon is “laughing” at taxpayers after a report revealed that billionaires pay very little in taxes compared to their earnings.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has criticized Jeff Bezos and his plans space travelAfter the publication of a report that found that billionaires in the country, including the founder of Amazon, often use mechanisms to pay lower taxes from the middle class.

When asked by TMZ reporters what he thought of the billionaire’s July 20 space flight, Warren claimed That businessman “laughs at everyone in the United States who has already paid taxes.”

Jeff Bezos’ trip to outer space is being funded by the rest of the American taxpayers who paid their taxes so he doesn’t have to. Jeff Bezos saved all his money and used it for a space ticketadded the legislator.

to me files America’s richest people such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Warren Buffett, who were acquired by investigative journalism organization ProPublica, received very little in taxes compared to their earnings, sometimes none at all.

The founder of Amazon, now the richest in the world, was already a billionaire in 2007, but He didn’t pay a penny in federal income taxes, a fact repeated in 2011. Data show that the super-rich are effectively circumventing the tax system, taking advantage of tax evasion schemes not available to everyone.

Now, Elizabeth Warren is pressing more forcefully to implement her proposal for a wealth tax of up to 3% for billionaires. “We all knew the tax system was rigged in favor of the super-rich,” pointed out The senator added in a tweet that “it is time for those at the top to pay their fair share” for the good of the country.

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