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In which country will the Tesla factory be installed if Elon Musk refuses Mexico?

Tesla could install its new factory in an Asian country. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File)

Last Friday, during his morning press conference, prof The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), He indicated that Nuevo Leon does not have enough water, So is the government Permits cannot be issued to companies such as tesla, pole Elon Muskwho is considered the second richest person in the world, is raising a plant in that state.

When asked if he would propose Tesla state in the south of the country or if it will be allowed to own a factory in Nuevo Leon, The CEO stated the following:

If there is no water, then no. There will be no chance. Permissions are simply not granted for it. I mean, that’s not possible.” AMLO Showing a map of the water situation in the country.

Also remember that Nuevo León had just experienced a water shortage crisis Because there has been a lot of growth in the area. Regarding building a Tesla factory in the country, López Obrador said it is something that interests him a lot Because of the investment issue.

AMLO indicated that permission to install the plant in Nuevo León will not be granted, due to the scarcity of water. (EFE)
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“because Yes, we care a lot about investing in the country Because it means job creation. We will tell them where to invest where there is water, where there are spaces for urban growth,” he said.

These and other previous statements of the President led the company Tesla Note that If you do not have installation permissions guarantees And run your factory in it The new lionthen the headquarters will change to Asian country of Indonesiaaccording to the medium Latin.

given rejection Lopez Obrador to grant federal authorizations, Like water to mount Tesla In the northern state, it is ruled by Samuel Garcia of the Citizens Movement, Company negotiators Elon Musk indicated that they do not plan to locate the plant in any other state of the country, As in the south, as recommended by the Mexican president.

according to LatinMexican negotiators said the governor of Nuevo León called the president several times on Friday without receiving a response.

Elon Musk, the second richest person in the world, owns a Tesla. Photograph: Hannibal Hansek/Reuters

On Friday at 11:59 p.m., The deadline for Tesla to decide whether or not to buy 1,600 hectares of land, which is located in the municipality Saint Catharinawhere the factory in which investments are planned is at least $10 billion for the next few years.

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On the 21st of February Ivan Rivas Rodriguez, Minister of Economy of Nuevo León, He stressed that the issue of water will not affect the investments that reach the northern state, in the context of Possible arrival to the Tesla factory, who was questioned by President López Obrador. “Of course there is water for Nuevo Leon, there is a lot of water!” the official told the media.

Procedures are being worked out so that there can be enough water, So that we all have to explain.

He said he’s working on it Shallow and deep wells In applying pressure adjustment, a dam is built to ensure water delivery and condition Nuevo Leon and the city of Monterrey Don’t have a crisis like it did in 2022.

Samuel García is confirmed as governor of Nuevo León, where Tesla hopes to install his new factory. (Twitter/@MovCiudadanoMX)

And that was one day before, on the 20th of February, And AMLO doubted that the company’s electric car production is owned by Elon MuskIn Nuevo Leon, where he said this state suffers from a lack of water.

“There are already places in the country where there is not enough water and we have to take care of water for domestic consumption and One of the states that has problems due to lack of water is Nuevo León.”

for his part, Samuel Garcia Last Friday, named for the first time Teslaand make sure that the electric vehicle manufacturer is using Treated water unfit for human consumption.

After the commemoration ceremony flag DayWhen asked about AMLO’s remarks, García said, “We will work with Tesla Hand in hand so that they can explain and verify that they are not using water for human consumption and that they are using treated water and that the consumption is minimal.”

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The new lion It has 3000 liters (per second) of treated water and tesla occupies less than 100 (liters per second), so I don’t see any problem with the water issue. Yes, there is water and there will be more for the future of our state, ”the head of state explained.