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López Obrador doubles down on his criticism of the Peruvian government: “The dismissal of Pedro Castillo was a farce”

Dina Boulwart, President of Peru, with Andres Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico.Palestinian Authority

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador responded harshly to criticism from Peruvian President Dina Boloart, who accused him of meddling in Peru’s internal affairs. López Obrador returned again this Monday to defend former president Pedro Castillo and asserted that his dismissal “It was a farce, because the will of the Peruvian people was not respectedThey trampled on democracy and committed a great injustice by removing and imprisoning him.” The Mexican president delves into the diplomatic escalation and labels the current Peruvian government a “de facto”, which he views as “authoritarian and oppressive”.

López Obrador’s reaction comes after Boulwart decided to permanently withdraw his ambassador from the North American country, after stating that he “strongly rejects the statements of the President of Mexico on the internal affairs of Peru and his unacceptable questions that repeat the formula regarding the constitution and the democratic origin of my government.” Polwart accused López Obrador of “supporting the coup d’état carried out by former President Pedro Castillo, the same coup that led to the unanimous rejection of the institutions that make up the democratic system in Peru.” Mexico expressed regret over the withdrawal of the Peruvian diplomat at the end of the week and confirmed that it would not close channels of communication with the country located in the Andean region. “[El Gobierno de México] The Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a statement, “It hopes to reach a democratic settlement soon for the differences that prevail in this brotherly country in Latin America.”

The conciliatory tone of this text contrasts with López Obrador’s criticisms. And the Mexican president had been classified on Monday during his morning press conference as “a puppet, a puppet, and a ruler in the manner of” the current President of Peru, and he also made accusations against the Peruvian Congress, which he accused of responding to the interests of large capital and foreign companies, “as we have suffered here for more than 30 In general, that all the reforms made to the constitution were in favor of a greedy minority and the handing over of public assets, the assets of the nation to national and foreign corporations, the process of privatization is the same thing, ”compare the president.

López Obrador also criticized what he saw as the “hypocritical silence” of the rest of Latin America over the crisis in Peru, which began on December 7, when then-President Castillo dissolved Congress and decreed an emergency government. Castillo was arrested hours later and transferred to a prison in Lima. His decision sparked a unanimous disapproval of Latin American democracies, although his removal and imprisonment drew criticism from both López Obrador and Colombian President Gustavo Petro, who was declared a person by the Peruvian Congress. unwanted.

“It is very annoying that everyone is silent,” said López Obrador, who justified repeating his silence on other crises in the region, such as the Nicaraguan crisis with Daniel Ortega, claiming that Mexico does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. countries, under what is designated upon request Estrada Doctrine. So we have seen, they are so hypocritical, they shout like city criers, don’t they?, when it suits them and they are silent like mummies when it doesn’t suit them; then, the world press, the most famous newspaper in the world, the Organization of American States in the case of America, the United Nations, human rights organizations Human, no one talks about this great injustice, and the bottom line is that oligarchy in Peru is national, but especially foreign, as it plunders Peruvian natural assets: gas and mining resources, “he criticized the president. In direct defiance of the Peruvian government, López Obrador concluded his conference, “It is disturbing, it is unworthy, it is a great injustice, no one can remain silent, and we will continue to do so.”

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