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In prison and divorced: after 14 years missing, Televisa's protagonist returns to Azteca TV?

In prison and divorced: after 14 years missing, Televisa’s protagonist returns to Azteca TV?

Mexico City. – after, after 14 years removed from the seriesFamous TV protagonist It appears again on TV. It’s nothing more and nothing less than that Yadhira Carrillowho was reunited with him John Soler In a frank interview Aztec TV? No, but for the morning Sunrise As reported, the 49-year-old Mexican has quit work to devote herself to her personal life with her husband, Juan Collado, who is still in prison over the alleged allegations. Money laundering s organized crime.

Yadhira starred in melodramas as The other, your love is my sin, the barrier of love s woman word Throughout his career, but in 2008 he disappeared from the forums and devoted himself to his family, being only They were arrested on rare occasions outside the prison Where is her husband, ex-partner and father of her two children Letty Calderonsince 2019. Original from Aguascalienteswhich began with the name MissHe achieved fame in acting and became a producer’s inspiration Ernest Alonso.

Yadhira Carrillo on Televisa before her retirement

after, after divorce From her first husband, in 2008 her love and work life took a turn. The actress decided to drop everything and focus on her relationship with the lawyer Juan Colladowho married in 2012. In 2019, he was I stopped He is currently being held in CDMX prison. For this reason, Yazira only appeared in public outside the prison. On the last occasions she was seen, she had a completely different hairstyle, although her beauty remained the same. However, it has received criticism for some”extra kilos“.

After 14 years away from the soap operas, Carrillo is back on TV looking amazing. Namely, that the actress gave an interview to Argentine Juan Soler, with whom she starred other. The actor invited her to his oathbbq juan in the morning photo tv. Since she continued to support her husband while he was in prison and confirmed that she would not return to acting because she is loyal to him, the actress told everything she went through with this situation, stressing that it was not easy.

I feel very proud of him, I am always with him, always accompanying him, cooking for him, washing his sheets, washing his clothes, and taking them to him.”

She added, “I feel very proud of him because he can fight in so many ways and do it legally and right, and maybe other people can do it another way, by showing and shouting, as it is, openly. So people see and know, and he’s a moderate, very organized person. So meticulous, so disciplined, he is a person whom I admire greatly, and I love him dearly, and the admiration I have for him is immeasurable, for I see in that place undeservedly.”

Yadhira Carrillo and Juan Collado

Regarding what he has learned and how the legal issue has affected him personally, Carrillo admitted he is still going strong: “There is nothing more important than life, health, family, love and God.” In addition, he was honest about how difficult everything was: “3 years already Sadness, a very great ordeal. I didn’t cry, I cried a little, because who should I go with my husband to say ‘Let’s go upstairs, what’s up today? Movie or series or something, look how much I got you to eat, we made this for you at home, They sent you this book.

Finally, the actress revealed it They have offered to return several times to Televisa And they invited her to remake cradle of wolves However, in 2019, she confirmed that her priority was to focus on her husband’s situation and give him her support: “Now after three years of being on the subject, they gave me a telenovela that was cradle of wolves, do you remember? But over the course of three years if I tell you 12 projects like this, there have been a few, I’ve told them not now, because I take care of Juan.”

First thing’s Juan, first my husband, that’s what follows, that’s why you’re getting married. What I want is to do something short, like a series, but something more for kids, like animals, kids, but more common, a classified topic.”

Even, in their very endearing meeting, they both took Photography He remembers his time as heroes otherWhich they did 20 years ago, to the delight of their fans. The Argentine wrote on his Twitter account: “20 years of #tbt with @yadhira_carrillo, do you remember the novel we made together?” Instagram. “What a beautiful couple they made”, “Best TV series”, “One of my favorite series”, “They had the best chemistry”, were some of the comments from netizens.

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Source: Tribune

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