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In Cuba, 99 municipalities do not have ATMs

In Cuba, 99 municipalities do not have ATMs

In Cuba, 99 municipalities do not have ATMs. This is the data provided by the authorities from the island’s Ministry of Communications, which calls for an increase in the use of electronic payment channels.

And while Cuba’s tourism sector boasts that the country has a “large banking infrastructure, including automated teller machines (ATMs),” the reality is very different.

Indeed, for several weeks the government press had to address the shortage of cash in ATMs and the low availability of these machines in Cuba, alleging an increase in demand and the cost of maintaining and purchasing them.

This week, Ernesto Rodriguez Hernandez, Deputy Minister of Communications, said at the round table that in the past five years the use of magnetic cards to carry out electronic operations has increased, “but they are still very limited in some sectors.”

In this sense, the director called for “taking advantage of and enhancing electronic payment functions that require lower levels of investment, as an alternative to the significant restrictions in the availability of ATMs.” cube.

As disclosed, There are 99 municipalities in Cuba that do not have ATMs In which he requested the promotion of the use of electronic payment channels.

Automated teller machines in Cuba

How many ATMs are there in Cuba? The number of available ATMs in 2018 reached 525, according to official sources. By 2021, 522 people will be employed. Cuba is not implemented Invest in ATMs Since 2017.

Judging by the recent statements of the leaders of the island, it is not planned to invest in these machines in the near future.

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The Minister of Communications herself, Mayra Arevich Marin, Certain A year ago at the Roundtable, Cuba “didn’t have a need to buy that many ATMs.”

“We no longer need to buy so many ATMs, nor use so many points of sale, because there is a fast and safe possibility,” he said regarding electronic payment channels in Cuba.