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Ignacio Rivero back to train with Cruz Azul

Ignacio Rivero back to train with Cruz Azul

Not a month ago since she won the championship in Guardians 2021 and staff blue cross He has already reported at La Noria facilities to start the preparatory class for a new semester of competition. Given the multiple absences due to commitments with their national teams, among the attendees this afternoon, a character in particular drew attention: Ignacio Rivero.

The Uruguayan midfielder came with the rest of his teammates to take tests before starting training, in further evidence of his boldness and desire to stay in the cement establishment. Only eight days until your contract with La Maquina expiresNacho has shown once again – this time with actions – that he wants to keep going.

Xolos from Tijuana He has been steadfast in negotiating the sale of Al-Sharaa to the cement ranks. $4.5 million or nothing, is the case of red and black to get rid of the midfielder. The number does not match the economic reality of Cruz Azul, so other formats for access to the services of the footballer were sought for him. Opening 2021.

However, they refused from Xolos to extend the loan for another year or to include players in the buying and selling process. This rejection has attitudes of alienation and Rivero will have to leave in a week with his original club In the absence of an agreement between the parties negotiating your permit.

Ordiales optimistic

When the players entered La Noria’s facilities, the number was Jaime Urdiales. The sporting director was consulted by the media present regarding the club’s contracts for this season and specifically regarding the renewal of Ignacio Rivero.. “The Nacho Rivero thing is more complicated, but it’s still being seen.”He answered and left the door open on a potential deal.

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