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“I thought I’d cross the screen and I could give him a hug.”

“I thought I’d cross the screen and I could give him a hug.”

the doctor Mirta RodriguezThe mother of a journalist and writer Carlos Manuel Alvarezthat this sunday He jumped to the ground During the game in which the Cuban team faced the American in the World Baseball Classic, he was able to see it from Cuba with indescribable emotion.

“I thought for a moment that I would cross the screen and I could hug him and shower him with kisses,” said the thinker’s mother. regulated by the Cuban regime After his involvement while quartering San Isidro Movement in Habana.

Facebook screenshot / Mirta Rodríguez

Before the television screen, Alvarez’s mother was introduced to her son The young man who threw himself on the lawn at LoanDepot Park with the Cuban flagHe runs like a thousand demons carry him.

On Monday, the doctor shared her feelings through social networks. “For two years and a few months, I haven’t been able to see my son. They prevented him from entering the country.”He began by explaining to Rodriguez, who, With her husband and the writer’s father, she maintained a dignified and courageous attitude towards state security In the days after the quartering, he gives his son all his support in the face of the guards’ strategies.

“When I saw him cross the stadium fence yesterday with a Cuban flag, his curly hair, and run as fast as it was possible for him and at which I was used to seeing him, I thought for a moment that I would go behind the screen and I could hug him and fill him with kisses.”

As the boy ran across the lawn, the mother claimed to have “smelled” him, a universal image of that special bond between parents and children.

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“I felt his scent and could hear his legitimate demands. They all remained motionless on the ground. I don’t know whether they froze in surprise or in shame because they did not claim with him and others the right to freedom of thought, to return, to live; yes, to live as we want and deserve,” Rodriguez said.

After an interrogation by State Security in mid-December 2020, the founding journalist of the magazine sneezeAnd They told how the oppressors spoke about their parents As part of his strategy to “soften” the rebellious young man, in contrast to the attitude of his parents who are “recognized as doctors and respected in the city” and not as “mercenaries” like the writer.

This Monday, in her words, Alvarez’s mother wanted to make it clear where her priorities are as a person and as a Cuban.

“Every day I wake up to hear her cry at the door, a cry that this mismanagement has stolen from me and other mothers. I am waiting for you, Carlos Manuel, your mother is waiting for you.” Long live Cuba Liber and the freedom of political prisonersHe finished.