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United States vs. Japan, live: Final score for the 2023 Baseball Classic

United States and Japan They are the last two survivors of the 20 teams that started World Baseball Classic 2023 and play The end of the dream.

The USA team came to this state after defeating Cuba 14-2 in the semi-finals, while leaving Venezuela in the quarter-finals. In the group stage, they finished second in Zone C, having lost only to Mexico.

Meanwhile, Japan is the last undefeated player in the tournament. They won four matches in Group B, in the quarter-finals they beat Italy and in the semi-finals they won an epic match against Mexico with a 6-5 victory thanks to an impactful last-half exit.

The Asians are the only team to win the World Classic more than once (they’ve taken two titles), and the Americans will want to be the second team to achieve that feat.

What time is it us vs. Japan today? Details of the 2023 World Baseball Classic Final

  • place: Loan Depot Park, Miami
  • day: Tuesday 21 March
  • hour: 5:00 p.m. CDMX / 7:00 p.m. ET

Where do you watch the USA match? Japan today? TV channels and online broadcasts of the World Baseball Classic 2023 Final

  • TV channel:
    • Mexico: Pictures TV
    • United State: Fox, Fox Sports
  • flow:
    • Mexico: Pictures TV
    • United State: fuboTVFox Sports App Tubi

Look USA vs. Japan in the US on Fubo (free trial)

How is the United States vs. Japan? Live score for the 2023 World Baseball Classic Final

equipment 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 c. h And
United States of America 1 1 2 9
Japan 2 1 3 5

United States vs. Japan lives

Ninth Height (USA)

Otani trades the bat for the mound.

Japan is three times away from its third WBC crown.

8va low (Japan)

The United States gets the third place.

Yamada comes alive and steals second.

Devin Williams takes the hill to the USA

8va high (USA)

Japan comes out two and three; The United States leaves one in circulation.

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Trea Turner singled to center field, tying the USA on base.

Home run in the USA! Kyle Schwarber unleashed a wooden cut in right center and brought Team USA close to 3-2

Yo Darvish takes the hill to Japan.

Seventh Low (Japan)

USA gets double play to get to all three teams. Yoshida stopped competing and Ohtano went into second place.

With one out, Otani pops the diamond and flies to number one. Goldschmidt catches the ball as soon as it touches the base, there is a review, Ohtani is safe.

Seventh Height (USA)

Japan got the double play to retire the USA.

Tout out with a line drive.

Bates singles left, McNeil moves to second. Mike Trout comes in to bat.

Jeff McNeil gets a ticket.

Ohta takes the hill for Japan.

Sixth Low (Japan)

The United States gets the third spot and blocks more runs. Japan leaves three in circulation.

Nakamura takes the third ticket in a row from Adams And Japan fills the bases.

Genda also gets a ticket.

With two outs, Yamada takes off.

Adams lands the first two strikes he sees.

Jason Adams takes The Hill to the US.

Sixth Height (USA)

Eto’o hits Cedric Mullins to put the USA 1-2-3 and out.

Hiromi Ito takes the hill to Japan.

Fifth Low (Japan)

Ohtani goes to the farm to warm his arm to get up on the mound if necessary.

The United States gets the third place.

Ohtani hits the ground and is out, Kondoh is up to second.

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With one out, Kondoh walks off.

High V (USA)

Japan gets the third place. The United States leaves two in circulation.

Arenado hits a single to left field, and Betts moves to second with the tying run.

Mike Trott and Paul Goldschmidt hit back-to-back.

Mookie Betts hits the ball and comes up hard first. There is a review and the verdict confirms that Bates is safe. Mike Trout is coming.

Hiroto Takahagi takes the hill to Japan.

Low IV (Japan)

USA gets all three teams in a row to finish the half.

Home run from Japan! On the second ball of the half Okamota hit to the middle for a 3-1.

Fourth Height (USA)

The USA goes 1-2-3 and you’re out.

3rd down (Japan)

Japan goes 1-2-3 and is out.

Ohtani is struck out to start the inning.

Kyle Vreeland takes the hill to the USA.

Third Rise (USA)

Togo beats Turner and Japan gets third place. The United States leaves two in circulation.

With two out, Kyle Schwarber walks, Turner comes on. from He has returned four of his last seven at-bats.

With two outs, Nolan Arenado walks.

Shusei Togo takes the hill to Japan.

Second low (Japan)

The United States gets each of the three outs; Japan leaves three in circulation.

Japan got the advantage. Notbar hits a coach and is out on first, but Okamota comes home to put Samuria up 2-1. Nakamura reaches second place and Genda third.

Aaron Loeb replaces Kelly on the mound.

Nakamura takes a ticket and Japan fills in the bases.

With one out, Genda singles to the left side, Okamuta takes second.
Okamoto hits one song on the right side.

Home run from Japan! On the first pitch of the first half, Murakami smashed the ball with a wooden chipper in center field to tie things up 1-1.

2 High (USA)

Japan gets each of the three outs; Anderson and Realmulto remain in circulation for the USA.

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With two out, Tim Anderson’s single at number one, Realmulto moves into second

With one out, JT Realmuto was allocated to the left side.

Home run in the USA! With one out, on the fourth ball he sees, Trea Turner breaks up a fastball and serves it up from left field 1-0. Turner handled Wood in the WBC.

First victim (Japan)

Kelly beats Yoshida on all three USA teams. Ohtani is still in circulation in the USA.

With two outs, the dangerous Ahtani gets a ticket.

Merrill Kelly opens up on the hill for the USA.

1 high (USA)

Japan gets each of the three outs; Imanaga strikes one. Trout is still popular in the USA.

With one strike, Mike Trout hits a ball to the right side; He puts pace and is second to double.

Shota Imanaga starts at the Mound of Japan

The World Baseball Classic 2023 final begins

The start of the match was delayed for a few minutes

Angels teammates Shuhei Ohtani and Mike Trout share a moment before tonight’s encounter.

Welcome to Miami LoanDepot Park! The home of the Miami Marlins will be the setting for the match everyone has been waiting for in the final of the 2023 World Baseball Classic: the MLB powerhouse of the United States against Japan’s Shuhei Ohtani and rising star Rocky Sasaki.