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Hurricanes are getting stronger

Hurricanes are getting stronger

Hurricanes are getting stronger

Dan Chavas said that studies of computer models allow us to know and study the behavior of these phenomena on a large scale

Before the academics and students of the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Change (ICAyCC), remote participants in the conference course “Current Panorama of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Change”, the specialist noted:

Patricia, in 2015, was an example of one example that escalated rapidly, “And we’re seeing behaviors like this more and more, maybe there’s more consensus and I think peak climax is more difficult.” It’s complicated to say whether storms are getting stronger, but we also see that more hurricanes reach higher levels; This is a detailed sign.

The Doctor in Atmospheric Sciences from MIT gave a talk about using experimental laboratory models to understand tropical cyclones on Earth, where he explained that computer studies allow them to see their behavior over time and simulate their changes.

The use of these systems shows their complexity, experiments to change things, as well as weather forecasts; In addition, they allowed gradual monitoring of hurricanes such as Katia, Irma, and Jose in 2017, as well as Sandy (2012), which caused $65 billion in damage.

The researcher at Purdue University determined that a large number of scientists in the world are trying to answer questions about how the planet is warming and what to expect in terms of minimum speed and pressure, so it is expected that when using computational models a better understanding of what is happening. .

The specialist in the study of tropical cyclones and severe weather added, risk analysis and modeling, and their social impacts: To find out what is happening, from the data that is expected to know sea temperature, important information to determine the maximum possible severity.

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His team’s recent studies showed that the intensity of hurricanes has been affected by climate change, but the Earth may be at a point where rains are increasing and their intensity may be greater, as well as their frequency, the expert on the application commented. Mathematics and Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences from University of Wisconsin-Madison.


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