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How to start the car if the remote key does not work

How to start the car if the remote key does not work

Remote controls for opening doors and starting vehicles are tools that bring much comfort and convenience to drivers. The problem that arises is that this type of remote key can be damaged quite easily due to improper use, normal wear or tear and other unexpected events.

As for the car’s ignition control, these malfunctions are much more complicated, because without it, you won’t be able to start it or, of course, drive it. But don’t worry, here are some notes on how to start the car if the remote key doesn’t work.

Tips on how to start the car if the remote key does not work

  • First, the simplest, check that the control battery is still charged. Look to open the control to replace the battery with a new one and see if it works.
  • The second option is to check the infrared of the control, and see if it is dirty or something is obstructing it. In some controls it can be seen easily.
  • And the third, if it still doesn’t work, is to open it up and check that it doesn’t have any kind of damaged connection, it could be something broken or leaking.
  • Newer cars have an emergency key hidden in these controls. With this emergency key, find the handle that usually has the hidden keyhole and open it. Check the vehicle’s user manual.
  • If you can get in manually, but the car won’t start, there may be an electrical problem. Check the fuses or the car battery.
  • If you can get in manually, and the remote works, there are cars with a system where pressing the key against the start button starts the engine.
  • If the remote control is damaged, you must purchase a new remote control and it must be reprogrammed with a specialist, or at the vehicle brand service center.
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With the new Google Digital Car Key system, it will no longer be necessary to use a car key to start the car.
Credit: Pixabay

In all cases, it is always recommended to be calm in these steps. And if possible, always keep the spare key or emergency key in a place where you can search for it in case the main key does not work. And always seek out a professional if you can’t solve it yourself.

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