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How to remove oil stains from a concrete driveway

How to remove oil stains from a concrete driveway

The garage is a highly affected area., mainly for cans that a vehicle may contain: brake fluid, transmission oil, or engine lubricant. But in this space we also keep tools like shears or weeding equipment that also use liquids and sometimes even spill.

This kind of spots on the floor Concrete in the garage is very noisy. Not only does it damage the appearance of the entrance, it also damages it cause slipping accidents. Oil stains are precisely the most common and are also the most adherent to the surface. However, it is not impossible to remove them.

To accomplish the task of removing them and returning to your concrete entryway, the cleanliness and beauty it once seemed. It must be necessary to equip yourself with some tools and products that are easy to buy or that we already have at home. The most important thing to get the best result is to spend enough time and follow the instructions indicated by the chemicals you are applying.

Remove recent oil stains from the concrete

Oil leaks in a car can cause permanent stains.
Credit: Pixabay

Every time an oil leak occurs in your garage, Ideally, clean it up as soon as possible. Thus preventing the lubricant from penetrating into the concrete. Note a recent spotAt first, you can resort to covering it with cat litter, cornstarch, sawdust, baking soda, or regular sand. The goal is for one of these to absorb as much lubricant as possible.

Once this process is complete, collect the excess and continue scrubbing the stain with water and dish soap, which has a degreasing effect. For this, you’ll also need a good vigorous scrubbing brush and a hose or bucket. usually, When the stain is freshAnd Removing it is much easier with these techniques.

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Removing old oil stains from concrete

Oil stains / Image: Pixabay
Credit: Hans | pixabay

If by negligence Or unknowingly you have an old oil stain on the concrete in your garage, don’t be discouraged, it can still be removed. But, you will have to put in more effort and even money to get powerful products that remove it.

If the stain remains for a long time, conventional cleaners may not have the same effect, and more than just soap and water will be needed. in this meaning, It is desirable to obtain chemical solvents Or professional degreasers with more intense ingredients, apply to the affected area and let it work for the time indicated on the product. Immediately afterward, scrub with a stiff bristle brush and then lean with the Hydrojet, which will deliver the water pressure needed to finish removing the pesky oil slick.

Safety while cleaning

It is very important That when doing this type of cleaning, you use the necessary safety tools. It is basically non-slip shoes, gloves to protect hands and goggles to protect eyes from chemicals.

However, we must warn that none of these recommendations and cleaning methods will stick, if the main problem causing the oil is not attacked. That is, in case it is not Accidental spill but mechanical failure of the vehicle or other equipment stored in the garage.

Likewise, it is recommended to protect the garage floor with a special coating. In this way, damage from oil canisters is reduced and dirt can be easily removed because the paint is a layer that prevents penetration. Although this decision requires a larger budget.

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