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Experts warn of suspicious links in the topics

Experts warn of suspicious links in the topics

Santo Domingo. Experts warned Thursday that, in just 24 hours, more than 200 suspicious links have been discovered in threads, possible scams aimed at selling followers of the new social network, and fraudulent messages to steal usernames and passwords.

In a statement, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said it has discovered several tactics used by scammers to exploit the app’s user base, including “phishing” pages that pretend to be a web version of the app, with the aim of gaining unauthorized access to your accounts, personal or financial data.

Among the potential scams discovered in Latin America, there is one that offers $2,000 salaries for people to “like” and comment on posts on the new social network, but for this victims must purchase a specific app for $30.

Another fraudulent scheme involves phishing pages that mimic a non-existent web version of the thread to trick users into entering their login credentials.

Since threads are linked to other META services, you may risk losing access to accounts on other social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

According to the specialists, “Not only does this raise privacy concerns such as identity theft and defamation (disclosure of one’s information), but more worryingly, it carries financial risks. This scam can also affect companies, since many companies are currently that uses these accounts to create ad campaigns.

A few hours after its appearance last week, the threads managed to add more than 100 million users, thus becoming, as experts say, “bait for online scams.”

“Latin America has a high consumption of social networks, so it is normal for scams to appear. Criminals are not recognized for their ethics, so they use any trick to achieve their goal and the most common one is to generate income, i.e. to steal from victims,” Kaspersky America’s Global Research and Analysis Team Director said. . Latina, Fabio Assolini.

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He emphasized that “these false offers use the name and direction of the social network to defraud the largest number of victims. Those who fall for the scam will lose their money and will not get any compensation.