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How to get two WhatsApp accounts on a Samsung phone

How to get two WhatsApp accounts on a Samsung phone

In this guide I will tell you all the steps you should follow to have two WhatsApp accounts on your Samsung mobile phone.

Dual messaging feature with one user interface

In this guide I explain the steps you should take You have two WhatsApp accounts On Samsung mobile phone. This is possible thanks to the One UI feature called Dual messages. If you need to access two different profiles from the same phone, I recommend staying until the end. Here I tell you what you must do to achieve this.

How to activate dual messaging on Samsung mobile phone using One UI

You must have two WhatsApp accounts on a Samsung device No need to install any application. Obviously, if what you are looking for is to have some advanced options when it comes to duplicating apps on Android, it is better to opt for third-party solutions that help you get two accounts for any app.

Dual messages It is not a very advanced tool. However, it is about simplicity, and the truth of it To be integrated into the systemWhich makes this the most interesting solution from my point of view.

How to get two WhatsApp accounts on a Samsung phone

Steps to activate a second version of WhatsApp. In this way, you can use another account in addition to the main account

Now, how does dual messaging work on Samsung phones? First, follow these steps to activate it:

  1. Open your phone’s settings.
  2. Click on Advanced Options.
  3. tap on Dual messages.
  4. In the top menu you will see all the applications that this system allows you to duplicate.
  5. Tap on the WhatsApp slider.
  6. Follow the additional steps that appear on the screen.
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In case you’re wondering what he’ll do? Dual messages It is a repetition of the WhatsApp application and grants Separate space for each of the cases. This will allow you to configure two different accounts on each account.

An important detail is that during the procedure, the One UI widget will allow you to decide whether you want it Use different contact lists for the app. This can help you separate both accounts further, preventing them from sharing an agenda. I advise you to activate this function if one of the two accounts is for work and the other is for personal use.

How to get two WhatsApp accounts on a Samsung phone

The second WhatsApp installation is made possible by the One UI Dual Messaging feature

As shown in the image above, one of the WhatsApp statuses It is marked with an orange badge. Keep these details in mind so you can easily distinguish which account the messages are coming from.

Tips when using dual messaging

It is possible to receive all day long A large number of WhatsApp messages. If you also duplicate the app and add a second account, hundreds of notifications may arrive on your mobile phone. Having two installations of the same app can cause confusion, so I’ll leave you with some timely advice.

Keep this in mind when using dual messaging:

  • Verify the account used before sending the message. The fact that you have two WhatsApp apps installed on your device may result in messages being sent from the wrong number. Therefore, before sending a message, especially if its content is important, make sure you are in the correct state.
  • Remember the account you used for every WhatsApp installation. As I told you, one of the two apps you will install has an orange badge. This also appears in notifications. It is important not to forget the account you have configured in each case.
  • Always use official solutions. Obviously, in the future, WhatsApp will allow you to use two accounts on the same mobile phone. When this happens, it’s better to opt for the official solution, rather than resorting to systems like Dual Messaging, which can be a little messier.