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Four changes are coming to Google Chrome’s search bar

Four changes are coming to Google Chrome’s search bar

The browser now has better tools for accessibility and efficiency. (Google)

Google Chrome Added a number of updates to it Search bar Which aims to improve the user experience. Additionally, these new features are designed to provide greater access options and make consultations more efficient.

Among the changes are better suggestions when searching for directions and a question-and-answer mode in Lookout. Upgrades will be available andn Android 14 And in the version intended for computers, so you will have to update your browser to access the modifications.

Below we explain what these four changes are in the Google Chrome search bar.

Chrome’s search bar will now display autocomplete results based on previously searched words for a particular website. For example, if the word “flights” was entered in a previous search and the search page was visited, Google Tripstyping “flights” again will bring up the Google Flights page instead of simple search suggestions.

This feature is especially useful for those times when you don’t remember exactly which website you accessed previously.

However, it is important to note that this feature, at the moment, is only available in the desktop version of Chrome and not in apps iPhone and Android.

The browser now has better tools for accessibility and efficiency. (Google)

Another function is capacity Search bar Chrome to suggest popular websites as you type a query. For example, when you start typing “Google search,” a direct suggestion to your website will appear Google Earth. This saves time by avoiding additional searches and speeding up the navigation process.

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This option will be available on all devices on which the browser is located, whether computers or mobile phones.

Previously, auto-completion of bookmark searches was based only on the name of the bookmark, without regard to its parent folder or hierarchy. With this update, Search for bookmarks It becomes more useful because it now also takes into account the original folder and its position in the bookmarks hierarchy.

This feature helps fix typos in URLs as you type them into the search bar. Additionally, it offers auto-complete suggestions based on previously visited websites.

Detecting misspelled URLs stands out because of its relevance to accessibility and was initially introduced as an accessibility feature on World Accessibility Awareness Day in May, but was finally added to the browser recently.

The browser now has better tools for accessibility and efficiency. (Google)

These new Google Chrome search bar features are complemented by other accessibility tools the company has added to the browser and its other products.

For example, screen reader capability is built in Lenses in mapswhich uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence, makes this tool accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired.

An option has also been added to Maps so that when you search for a location and tap on it, a wheelchair icon will appear, indicating whether the destination has a step-free entrance, bathrooms, parking, or accessible seating.

Google Chrome also caters to the visually impaired by offering the app magnifier, Which uses the camera to allow zooming in on objects and customizable settings to improve text readability, although this is currently only available on Pixel phones.

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