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How to activate “word mode” in WhatsApp Web |  Mexico

How to activate “word mode” in WhatsApp Web | Mexico

WhatsApp Web It is a version of the original application that is compatible with different browsers that exist today, such as: Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. However, despite it being one of the platforms most used by users, the Meta is not usually updated frequently. But recently it added some new text formats.

These are bulleted, numbered, mass citation and inline code formats.these will accompany the classic “Bold,” “Medium Italic,” “Italic,” and “Monospaced” styles.

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That's why, after trying it out, I'll teach you how to use each of the formats we mentioned above, Well, everyone has their own code which you have to memorize as it is not currently available as options on the messaging platform, For this reason, users called this new change “Put the floor“.

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Steps to use Word Mode in WhatsApp Web

  • List with vignettes or bullets: hyphen, space, and letter (-word).
  • Numbered list: number, period, space, and letter (first word).
  • block quote: larger symbol, space, and letter (>word).
  • Bias symbol: apostrophe, letter, and apostrophe (“word”).
  • Bold font: The star, the letter, and the star (*the word*).
  • Diagonal: Underscore, letter, and underscore (_word_).
  • With a line in the middle: Tilde, message, and tilde (~word~).
  • Monospace: Three single quotation marks, message, three quotation marks (''word'').

Remember that you can obtain these codes by activating the special keyboard on your cell phone.

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Did you like this new information about WhatsApp? Did you learn a useful trick? This app is full of new “secrets”, codes, shortcuts and tools that you can keep trying and you will only need to enter the following link for more feedback WhatsApp In Debord, that's it. what are you waiting for?