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Elon Musk intervenes after a bakery complained about canceling a Tesla order in California

Elon Musk intervenes after a bakery complained about canceling a Tesla order in California

Billionair Elon Musk He promised to “do things right” with the bakery California After his company, Tesla, backed out of an order that cost the owner thousands of dollars.

“I just found out about this. We will make things right with the bakery,” Musk said on X (formerly Twitter) in response to a story about the canceled order.

Fuahanji rasitarinera He is your owner Giving feet in the neighborhood Willow Glenn from San Jose, California. Each cake is carefully assembled by hand in small batches. Despite this, the bakery was able to collect orders for large companies, such as Apple, Google and Intuit.

The day of On Valentine's Day, the bakery received a last-minute order from Tesla: 2,000 cakes, half of which will be delivered on Tuesday and the other half on Thursday. Rasetarinera said he agreed. But then the wait began for Tesla to pay.

Rasetarinera says he contacted the company again and sent the bill several times to several people. Finally, at 9pm on Thursday, he received a phone call from Tesla. The company apologized for the delay in payment and asked to double the order to 4,000 cakes.

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“So I called my staff and they said, ‘Yes, we can work Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.’” We can do it. “No problem,” recalls Rasetarinera.

She says she sent Tesla Revised invoice and payment not yet received. He called them several times and finally received a response via text message.

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“Sorry to bother you again, but I'm a small business. I don't have the luxury of unlimited resources, so I really need to come up with money to secure my employees. I got a message saying: 'Hi, I'm very sorry,' I don't think we're going to need this anymore,” Rastareneira said. “.

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Rasetarinera has rejected other requests and has already purchased the resources. After posting it on social media, he said Tesla saw it and contacted him.

“They said they wanted to fix it with me and offered me to do two events on March 6 and 7, but I'm still waiting for confirmation,” he said. “If they want to fix things, I will give them the opportunity to do so.”

The bakery has a cancellation policy, but since Tesla had not yet paid it, there was no way to recover the expenses.

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