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How many pairs of shoes can you take to Cuba in 2024?

How many pairs of shoes can you take to Cuba in 2024?

Learn about the new Cuban customs rules for importing certain items. Find out how many pairs of shoes are allowed and other important regulations.

Since August 15, 2022, the implementation of Resolution No. 175 of 2022 of the President of the General Customs of the Republic on “Rules for non-commercial imports made by natural persons and the list of reference values” has begun in Cuba.

This clause specifically stipulates that Cuban Customs accepts non-commercial imports made by natural persons, sometimes carried out for their personal, family or household use, in the form of baggage, shipments, household goods or other declared goods.

In this sense, it establishes some general rules for the importation of natural persons into Cuba:

  1. Products must be compatible with non-commercial importation, must be declared transparently, and the quantities to be imported must vary.
  2. Imported items must not exceed the prescribed limit, as applicable; And
  3. The nature of the commodity, its functions, or the frequency of imports does not indicate the nature of its import or its commercial purpose.

Importing various products: shoes

The decision stipulates that for materials considered to be miscellaneous, whether they are of a commercial nature is determined by the lack of “diversity or repetition” of the same type of material. In this case, customs allows the import of various surplus products within the weight limits allowed in the rules, considering them personal luggage, and confiscates the rest of the items included in that classification.

Annex 2 “List of reference values ​​for non-commercial imports made by natural persons by any means”, in Chapter 1 “Miscellaneous” contains a specific rule clarifying which products are considered as such.

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The following items are classified as miscellaneous: shoes, clothing, food, personal care, housewares, jewelry, perfume, and similar items..

Although some information pages indicate that only 30 pairs of shoes can be brought into Cuba from customs, in line with Exposed in the regulationsThey responded to her Cuban guide:

“In this regard, we inform you that for the import of products classified as miscellaneous, the items or products to be imported must be diverse in type. Customs accepts the goods or products as non-commercial imports as long as they comply with the controls established in customs regulations and their diversity does not indicate that they are Imported for commercial purposes.

In other words, it is not permitted to import large quantities of the same type of product within the same category. For example, 50 identical pairs of shoes cannot be imported, but models and designs must be diversified to avoid being considered trade goods.

How are various items paid for in Cuba?

Remember that you can enter Cuba without paying up to 25 kg of personal baggage and another 5 kg of miscellaneous goods. In addition to everything that falls into the category of medicines, food, personal and household hygiene. But remember to separate these last items from the rest of the clothes and shoes that do not fit into your personal belongings.

For the rest of the miscellaneous items, a value of $10 applies for every additional kilogram over the specified limit. It is important to remember that payment is made in Cuban pesos, using the official exchange rate in effect at the time of import.