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How Evelyn Beltran and Tony Costa Met: A Love Story |  US celebrities |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

How Evelyn Beltran and Tony Costa Met: A Love Story | US celebrities | nnda nnlt | Fame

since And the It ended in the middle of last year, and the fans of both of them were well aware of the reasons for making this decision and the paths that both of them might take as individuals, so rumors began to spread, especially those related to the dancer.

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Over the past four months, it has been speculated that Tony has already given herself a new chance in love with her a Mexican influencer residing in However, neither of them confirmed or denied the news, which raised more suspicions in public opinion.

After that time of uncertainty, the rumors ended thanks to recent statements by Tony Costawho was honest about his emotional state.

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Adamari López and Toni Costa had a relationship for over years, which ended in 2021. Of course, they maintain a good relationship with their daughter (Photo: Adamari López/Instagram)

Tony Costa confirms his relationship with Evelyn Beltron

The Spanish dancer was intercepted by a reporter after a class in Miami with the aim of obtaining statements from him and it was there that he finally confessed everything.

“My heart has been busy for a while, so I am very well, very calm and happy, and above all happy. Everyone already knows that, do a good research”The actress said to the program:Live gossipWhen asked if it was Evelyn, Tony answered in the affirmative.

“Can’t you see the smile I have? Everything is fine, the important thing is that love prevails, what do you want me to tell you? I am very happy, very calm”he added.

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How was the love between the two of them?

For several months, when rumors of a possible relationship between Tony Costa and Evelyn Beltranboth of them shared a common interaction on social networks with likes and comments, fueling those gossip even more.

With the passage of time, it was not known about what time they shared them, but recently they exchanged stories in the same place, which indicates a romantic situation between them.

Confirming the Spanish language, it is expected that love posts on social networks will start because nothing is dedicated to Valentine’s Day, which caused some surprises.

Who is Evelyn Beltron?

She is a 28-year-old influencer known on social media as ‘picottaHis fame is mainly due to tik tokwhere he uploads exercises and dance routines.

As per her profiles, she is Mexican and lives in Texas. It is also important to note that she took part in some beauty pageants on American soil.

Moreover, as well Tony CostaShe has a son named Timothyso through this aspect they will be able to understand each other perfectly.


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