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His harsh criticism of today’s “weak” generations, which many consider unfair

His harsh criticism of today’s “weak” generations, which many consider unfair

Arnold Schwarzenegger criticizes the current fragile generations of “weak people”

It’s fashionable to criticize new generations, and among boomers, it’s very common to hear complaints about millennials and centenarians, and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger cannot be left behind. The Austrian-American has long expressed his endless disdain for “losers” and “weaklings” – the opposite of what some of his progressive admirers do – and in a new interview he reaffirmed his conservative stance.

Schwarzenegger is promoting a book called “Self-Improvement/Self-Help.” Be Helpful: Seven Tools for Life (Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life). From the title we can already imagine the quality of the content, but if anyone has doubts, you can read below The Howard Stern Show On Wednesday (Heb From the inside):

Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Howard Stern Show

Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Howard Stern Show

The human mind can only grow through resistance. The more you fight, the farther you go and the stronger you become. This is how the world works. Anyone who is trying to take care of themselves, pamper themselves, and try to protect themselves: “I don’t want to feel bad.” I really don’t want to go through any inconvenience, it’s over. You’ll never get there.

His words, in addition to not saying anything that hasn’t been said before, seem to address a caricatured version of current social conflicts. It is not that “progressives” are trying to avoid feeling bad at all costs, but rather that we should try to reduce human suffering in general, but the boomers, locked in their bubble, do not usually refute with arguments but “straw doll” fallacies.

All Schwarzenegger (76 years old) does is promote the prevailing ideology in the United States, where the individual is supposed to overcome obstacles as if it were up to him alone, and not worry about the structural problems that cause those obstacles (which some social groups do not have). Because “the world is like this.”

You have to learn to accept the pain, the misery, the discomfort, all the things you don’t like, because the more you face the things you don’t really like, the more you can grow, and the tougher you become, the more you can grow. dealing with it. Many young children today avoid it.

You have to learn to accept all the things you don’t like, because trying to change the world is wrong. Although this assessment is based solely on his statements in the interview, it is not difficult to imagine the rest of his book, since self-help in general is not a prestige genre.

They were brave women and men who went out at 5 in the morning and fought and worked hard. This is what made this country great. keep going. Don’t start creating a generation of weak, weak people where we worry about the question, “How do you feel today?” I don’t want to hurt your feelings.

Why did Schwarzenegger make a mistake?

Arnold’s recent statements about new generations are, to say the least, unfortunate and out of touch with contemporary reality. It is clear that the actor and former governor of California is based on a nostalgic and simplistic vision of the past, without acknowledging the specific challenges faced by today’s youth. Calling new generations “glass” or implying they are “vulnerable” is a harmful generalization that fails to acknowledge the unique adversities they face every day, such as the climate crisis, rising inequality, and modern social pressures.

Schwarzenegger glorifies a bygone era, suggesting that people back then were naturally stronger or braver. However, this type of romanticism ignores the realities and struggles of those generations, while ignoring the efforts and challenges of today’s youth. Moreover, the idea that pain and suffering are necessary for personal growth is not only reductive but potentially harmful. Not everyone is expected to deal with pain in the same way, and what is an overcomeable challenge for some may be a traumatic experience for others.

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