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Hernan "Polillo" Gomez visits UPNFM training and talks about FIFA's comment on Brian Moya

Hernan “Polillo” Gomez visits UPNFM training and talks about FIFA’s comment on Brian Moya


Technical Honduras national teamAnd the Hernan “Polillo” GomezOn Tuesday, visited training UPNFM He noted a comment Brian Moya by FIFA.

Gomez spoke with the Wolverhampton squad and also spoke extensively with the strategist Raul Caceres. In it, he detailed what he wanted for the project by 2026.

“It is a beautiful cause, a team that includes pure Honduran footballers in the formation of great people. They go for a very nice idea, which is very difficult, but hopefully the results will be given so that many will believe in it,” he began by saying of his visit.

El Bolillo explained that this will be done with the rest of the teams in the Honduran Football First Division.

“You have to go everywhere to have dialogues with technicians, we are asking for help for the future, for a real renewal. It was joy because of the treatment and reception they gave us, it is warm, we wish to go to everyone to be a good friendship with coaches and clubs, because The national team is made up of teams.”

“H” is left from World Cup Qatar 2022 And although there are still three octagonal dates, the Colombian has already begun to design his new process.

“That’s what it’s all about, we’re already working into 2026 and hopefully it won’t happen again.”

When asked if at the end of the match he will give the opportunity to new players. “Moments of good footballers are coming, and they will have a space in the national team. There are good current players, but the more we have in that competition, the better.”

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It refers to the situation that Brian Moya is going through

The FIFA Reported on Monday to Olympia Wing stop Brian Moya Because of a legal problem with Zulia F. from Venezuela.

The player will not be able to continue playing the albums or “H” while he does not reach an agreement with the Venezuelan national team and Pay a fine of $120,000 (Just over 3 million lm). El Bolillo referred to this topic.

“He is a very important player in Honduran football, and I hope he will decide himself in the best way. I don’t know the case very well, I know it is something about fines, but there are managers that I think will help him and I hope he will get out of this situation.”