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Venavoth issues statement after FIFA's sanction against Brian Moya and provides important clarification

Venavoth issues statement after FIFA’s sanction against Brian Moya and provides important clarification

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Fenfuth (Independent National Football Association of Honduras), stepped forward and issued a statement after Brian Moya He has been suspended by FIFA from all official sporting activities.

Olympian He was penalized for a legal issue with one of his former groups, and Zulia from Venezuela. The Venezuelan club claims that the footballer left the institution in 2020 when he had a contract Twelve months validity.

As a result, Moya has no other choice but to pay an amount $120,000, or about 3 million lempira.

Many journalists and fans have questioned why Olimpia used Brian Moya in Clausura 2022, so Fenafuth explained it in a statement.

“The player was registered with the Federal Registration Service in a timely manner, in compliance with current regulations,” the Honduran National Autonomous Football Association stated.

It should be noted that Olympia registered Moya with the endorsement of TAS ( Court of Arbitration for Sport), Who appealed the player after FIFA’s decision in favor of Zulia and during the review of his case, was delegated.

The album scored the attacker while risking a decision against the footballer, But points were not lost as there was an appeal in progress.

The FIFA Decision Chamber indicates that Moya should pay $120,000. If the debt is not met, the Honduran scorer will be suspended for six months.

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