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Olympia president speaks after FIFA ban Brian Moya

Olympia president speaks after FIFA ban Brian Moya

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The Olympia Sports Club He was worried after his goal Brian Moya He was suspended by FIFA from all sporting activities.

‘The Beast’ was penalized for a legal problem with one of his former bands, Zulia from Venezuela. The Venezuelan team claims that the Catracho footballer left the organization in 2020 when he had a twelve-month contract.

The Honduran striker has no other choice but to pay a sum $120,000, or about 3 million lempira.

After this major news Rafael Vileda From the Merengue team made statements and they did not hide their concern about the mentioned punishment.

We are concerned because he is a great player and gives a lot to the team. These situations are emerging and we hope that they will be resolved in the best way.”referred to the leader of Albu in remarks to Hoy Mismo.

“Moya will have the club’s support to find a way to solve it,” he added. Or wait six months to be disabled if your current situation is not resolved“.

Zulia claims that “in accordance with the provisions of Article. 17.1 of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of FIFA Players, in the event of an early termination of the contract by an express or erroneous decision of the “professional footballer”, due to compensation for early termination of the contract, Zulia claims that Velásquez Moya shall pay them an amount Net of $3 million ($3,000,000.00), which translates in lempira to 73,413,390, given that FIFA’s decision to pay $120,000, which Zulia claimed in May 2021 for breach of contract, plus 5 percent per year in interest.But the Venezuelan Football Decisions Chamber puts it at only $120,000, roughly 3 million lempira.

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We’ll meet with Moya and try to talk to the representatives who advocate for the cause on her side. It is a situation that has arisen as a result of going to football in Angola and VenezuelaRafael Vileda announced.

So far in Clausura 2022, the striker has become Olimpia’s top scorer since scoring five goals, and is a key part of Pablo Lavallén’s scheme.

Reason for punishment

In February 2020, Brian Moya left for Águilas Doradas Rionegro in Colombia at the request of coach Francesco Stifano who directed him at Zulia, but while in the country there was a deadlock and a transfer. Fell due to economic problems, at this time, Brian did not notify that he had a one-year contract with the Venezuelan team.

And it was until July 2020 when Angola announced the signing of Honduras on August 1, Club Africain reported that Moya had offered to terminate the contract with his former employer, however, after the appointment was formally made, Zulia complained to FIFA claiming that the footballer is still under contract with them for a period of time. 12 months.

FIFA did not make a decision on the issue until 2021 and in November announced on August 1 that it would terminate Moya’s contract because FIFA had formally informed them that Moya had “signed, prior to joining our club, a contract with ZULIA FC, of ​​Venezuela” and banned him from participating in any competition with the club.

However, following a FIFA ruling in favor of the South American team, Moya, with the support of 1 de Agosto, decided to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) “claiming the nullity of this contract submitted by ZULIA FC” and this entity decided to keep Moya enabled to play for the Angolan team and national team The Honduran, though, and given the future legal situation, on August 1 decided to terminate the contract by mutual agreement.

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Then in January of the current year 2022, Olympia hired Moya for a year without the striker, or TAS, after he resolved his contractual issue with Zulia.

However, today, March 7, FIFA ruled in Zulia’s favor and Moya will have to pay three million lempira if he wishes to continue participating with Olympia and the Honduran national team.