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Hernan "La Tota" Medina responds after defeat to Communications and confirms the player who had problems with immigration

Hernan “La Tota” Medina responds after defeat to Communications and confirms the player who had problems with immigration


The motagua They faltered in their second friendly match on North American soil, after losing 2-1 to Communications From Guatemala.

blues coach Hernan city “La Tota”, He came out and reacted after this defeat to his team, assessing the result.

We seek our identity, The style of the game itself and in many parts of the game we were able to do it, but with the opposite result and contingencies that made us make mistakes, but the team did not lose the streak.”

He also regretted that the final goal was not to score a penalty kick missed by Eddie Hernandez.

“We had to put equality in it penalty kickBut we did not succeed and the team continued. These games are about getting ready and how each player reacts to different situations.”

At no point was the scoreboard intended, he explained. “The result is not what we wantedBut that’s football and that’s what these warm-up matches are for.”

Medina explained that one of the footballers has a problem with immigration and hopes to be included soon.

“short Jonathan Nunez Because of immigration problems, he was unable to attend yesterday and will arrive at these hours, so we will be with a full squad for the next two matches.”

As far as the best of their group. “We have to emphasize football, that’s what we need as an idea when it comes to facing matches and Energy recyclingBecause the idea is for everyone to add minutes and get ready for the start of the tournament.”

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He also did not miss the opportunity to appreciate the support he received from Motagua fans in these friendly duels for the United States.

“A separate paragraph for them, it is a pleasure to see in the stands there this breath and that We require more. But that satisfies us and that commitment is reciprocal.”

At the time he consulted for the goal of seeking a two-time championship in the upcoming Apertura Championship.

We need a lot of work It’s just our second match to get ready for the start of the tournament. We are at a stage where we are testing some situations to get to the championship.”