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Heartbreaking testimony of young Cuban prostitutes: “This country is useless”

Heartbreaking testimony of young Cuban prostitutes: “This country is useless”

Three young Cuban prostitutes talk to a Spanish tourist about why they engage in this activity, its risks, and their aspirations in life.

The girls, ages 19, 20 and 22, said they did it “because we like money and things are bad”.

The three, who graduated from the intermediate level, openly admitted that they have been working in “trade” for at least a year, and confirmed that their clients are always foreigners, and they charge them between 150 and 200 dollars.

One of them said, “We are doing this out of necessity, because this country is useless,” and confirmed that she did not work with the state because she would only be paid “three pesos.”

In their daily lives, they had to go through difficult experiences, as customers who did not want to pay and were even beaten.

The same girl insisted: “We fight with them and they have to pay us, and we threaten them many times, because they threaten us.”

Despite how difficult it was, no one was affected. On the contrary, they are proud of the money they earn, much more than any ordinary worker.

“This life here in Cuba is the best, because… [con] The country you spend a month working and what they pay you is 3000 pesos. So, here, in one day, you can make 200 Americans. (…) In a week we might have 500 Americans, more or less, it depends.”

The only flaw they see in what they do is that they always have to be neat and well dressed because “you see, now there are a lot of girls doing that, and there’s a lot of competition.”

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The heartbreaking testimony of these three young women was recorded by Guillem and Lucas, two Spaniards from Barcelona who are dedicated to showcasing the world’s most marginalized neighborhoods on their YouTube channel.

On this occasion, they spent a week in Cuba, where they were able to see the true reality of the people.