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He returns to Argentina by surprise after three years in Spain and his family’s reaction paralyzes everyone

He returns to Argentina by surprise after three years in Spain and his family’s reaction paralyzes everyone

Manuela Garcia emigrated to Barcelona and came back to visit Buenos Aires to see her loved ones – Credits: TikTok

Uprooting from the place of birth is one of the most difficult jobs It is faced by many people all over the world for various reasons. who should leave for work, Even those who pack their bags for lovethe list of examples is extensive and immersed under a wonderful sense of Nostalgia, endless expectations and fears. However, there is one point that the vast majority of expats agree on and that is The emotion that produces reunion With their loved ones after they have been away for weeks, months and even years. In keeping with this theme, the case Manuela García, a young woman who immigrated to Spain and returned to visit Argentina, became one of them. In a video he shared on TikTok, She showed how her relatives reacted when they saw her It soon became widespread. In conversation with NationProvide details of everything he experienced and the repercussions it had.

he section published on the virtual platform She revealed the true and unexpected situation of her parents, sister and grandmother when He seemed to be knocking on their door. With the connivance of her brother-in-law, who searched for her at the airport and devised the plan in question, they picked up a tale they would never forget.

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Her mother was the first to be surprised Soon, he fell to the ground and started screaming. He said, “I’m dreaming.” His father and sister were surprised by the same feeling. Meanwhile, her grandmother burst into tears. In the filming, the family dog ​​was seen jumping on it and kissing its face. “I’m back in Argentina after a year and a half. A surprise for my familyThe protagonist wrote in the description of the post that went beyond on social networks.

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After the spread of the virus, and in dialogue with NationAnd Manuela explained that she moved to Spain on November 24, 2021 And that he has not seen his loved ones since that day. However, the decision was made shortly thereafter Back to Buenos Aires for the purpose of meeting again.

“It’s been a year and eight months today. A year after he left I bought tickets to go as a surprise. By then, it had been a year and two months since I’d seen them, the reunion seemed like never before. I bought the ticket in November 2022 for Traveling on 10th Feb 2023 And stay until March 10th, any month. Such an important day was approaching that I needed to even share it with a family member so they could pick me up at the airport and plan the big surprise with me. This person was my beloved son-in-law, Sebastian who was in every detail so that this encounter happens in the best way Possible and completely unforgettable.

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On the other hand, he explained that it was Sebastian who gathered his entire family at home under the pretext of showing the new car he bought a few days ago. “It was the perfect idea. He took advantage of the situation and called everyone around 6:00 p.m. to give time for those leaving work. There he was, I went with my partner and Sebastian’s mother (who was recording the video) and we waited around the corner for Sebastian to give us an ‘ok’ to encore. This “okay” depends on everyone being on the street paying attention. That’s when I showed up and you can clearly see in the video the reactions of each one“It is unbelievable that I will not erase him from my memory,” he said.

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The young woman immigrated to Barcelona, ​​Spain

The young woman immigrated to Barcelona, ​​Spain – Credits: Gentileza

Regarding what she felt in that exact moment, she said: “That day I went through all the states and feelings a person can go through, I was so tense but at the same time so anxious; I was anxious and anxious to hug my family, I couldn’t believe that after so long I was seconds away from their embrace. It was an unforgettable moment, wonderful and full of love.”

Regarding his present, he commented on that He is in Barcelona and will continue to be there with high expectations: “I have plans and a great desire to continue touring countries and getting to know different cultures with my partner, whom I met in Barcelona 10 months ago and who also accompanied me on my trip to Argentina. We can say that it was a double surprise for my family.”

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Regarding the repercussions of the video, he stressed that he does not expect it to be overtaken on all virtual platforms. However, this pleasantly surprised her. “I’m glad to see how many people have sympathized with my video reunion, since then There are many people today who are in the same situation or are thinking of emigrating, and sacrificing many things like a good hug from mom. It is not an easy decision to make, but knowing that every time I see them again they will greet me with open arms is a great caress for the soul.”

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Some reactions from users on TikTok

Some reactions from users on TikTok – Credits: TikTok

The post, which has garnered more than 100,000 views, accumulated messages from users who were happy with the story it revealed. “Grandma and the dog” cried, “as they always say, crying over strangers is my passion”; “I am so happy to see these videos”“I cried when I saw grandma and the dog, it was a sea of ​​tears,” one of the most prominent comments. by more than 10 thousand “Love her”And The video became a poignant memory that Garcia and his family will never forget.