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A month later, they found a missing Cuban

A month later, they found a missing Cuban

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Monday, January 29, 2024

A month after his disappearance, Adriel Ruiz Benitez, the Cuban who was reported missing by his family and friends, was found alive.

His Cuban sister, Arelis Ruiz, confirmed the news and thanked the support she received from the community.

“To everyone who was concerned and helped me in his search, he has appeared, thank God. He has no mind. We do not know if he received any blows, but he is alive,” Ruiz said, without providing further details.

Adriel Ruiz was reported missing on December 28. In desperation, the family did not stop asking for help.

The Cuban wrote on social media before confirming the appearance of her relative: “A month has passed and we do not know anything. Please help me. We no longer know who to turn to.”

Fortunately, Cuban is already there with his family.

This family was lucky. This was not the case with the loved ones of Cuban Jorgeles Bolaños Fernandez, a US resident who was reported missing in Madruga, Mayabique, and who was found dead.

Aileen Fundora, the victim's friend, said Cubanit Bolaño Fernandez was allegedly killed “to steal his car and the money he was carrying,” and said the body was found near the Zoological Institute, in San José de las Lajas.

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