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Controversy in Egypt over the pyramid renovation project

A new renovation plan for the Pyramid of Mecerinus on the Giza Plateau has sparked controversy in Egypt, with some saying it “Project of the century', while for others it is 'ridiculous'.

In a video clip published on Friday, the Director of Egyptian Antiquities said, Mustafa Wazirishows several employees lining up granite blocks at the base of the Pyramid of Mecerinus, the lowest of the three in Giza.

When it was built, the pyramid was covered with granite. Over time, part of this layer was lost, and now the project seeks to restore the layer and return the structure to its original appearance.

This “renewal” will continue.”Three yearsWaziri, who heads the Egyptian-Japanese mission responsible for the project, said that the project will be “a gift from Egypt to the world in the twenty-first century.”

According to him, the initiative “will allow us to see the pyramid of Mecerinus as it was built by the ancient Egyptians for the first time.”

However, dozens of netizens posted comments criticizing the project.

Egyptologist Monica Hanna responded, clearly angrily, on Facebook: “That can't be the case.” He pointed out, “What we lacked was the tiles of the pyramid of Mycerinus! When will the absurd management of Egyptian heritage stop?”

“All international principles regarding renovations prohibit this type of intervention, and all archaeologists must act immediately,” he said.

Also online, some netizens expressed mockery of the project. One person wrote, “When is the project to straighten the Tower of Pisa?”, referring to the Italian monument known for its tilt.

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Another suggested: “More than tiles, why not put wallpaper on the pyramids?”

In Egypt, the tourism sector is responsible for 10% of GDP, and the issue of protecting its heritage is often hotly debated.