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"Bon Bon Out, Down The Worm!": The Noivitas Government Responds To The Protests Of Its Citizens

“Bon Bon Out, Down The Worm!”: The Noivitas Government Responds To The Protests Of Its Citizens

The authorities of Noivitas organized a “revolutionary reassertion”as the system calls it Divorce businessAnd the In front of the seat of the government of that municipality KamagiAnd the Where was there Thursday night popular demonstration Amid widespread protest black out.

Several official municipal profiles Share the videos Dozens of people, many dressed in the uniform of a government institution and holding pictures of Fidel Castro, Raul Castro and Miguel Diaz-Canel, marched down a city street chanting slogans typical of 1980s disavowals, such as “Pin, put, out, down the wormhole!”

This demonstration came in response to the massive protest that erupted on Thursday evening, when hundreds of people took to the streets of that city amid a power outage. Shouting “Freedom!” and “Diaz-Canel, Sengao, people are tired!”.

According to several videos circulating on social media, Many residents had gathered in front of the municipal government to demand the restoration of electrical serviceThey beat pots and pans and even sang the national anthem.

According to independent media from Camagüey Cuban timewhich confirmed the facts, Residents complained of power outages for a week between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am, Which, combined with the summer heat and mosquitoes, prevents most people from sleeping.

“The neighborhoods that joined the demonstration are known as Pastillo and Kantarana, who came with more people from the city to the municipal government headquarters to express their disapproval of the situation in which they live,” the report said.

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“As has happened on other occasions, after a while the service of the stream returned. “There is no information so far about the presence of policemen, internet outages, or any other repressive action against the residents of Neuvitas,” he added. Cuban time.

in Noivitas There have been several protests Since last July 31 there has been anotheras later confirmed by Project Verification DeFacto, for independent digital media the touch. Similar events were reported in the same social networks during August in this population, as well as in other areas of Camagüey.

Discontent is growing across the island. On the same Thursday night, another Casirolazo could have happened in Loiano, the Havana municipality of Diez de Octobre, according to other reports on social networks.

Since June, massive protests have erupted almost daily across the island. In addition, the same authorities acknowledged vandalism targeting state facilities that were set on fire, while posters bearing anti-regime slogans became common in public places across the country.