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LUMA urges elected officials to 'leave the past behind' after request to cancel contract by Jennifer Gonzalez

LUMA urges elected officials to ‘leave the past behind’ after request to cancel contract by Jennifer Gonzalez

Consortium Loma Energy Today, Friday, he indicated that any vote by the authority in favor of canceling the contract with the energy company “falls outside of its authority” in response to the resident commissioner’s statements. Jennifer Gonzalez About the poor performance and constant service outages affecting hundreds of thousands of subscribers in the past weeks.

This (contract) has been approved by the Government of Puerto Rico, LUMA and Electric Power Authority (European Space Agency). Any vote by the legislature in favor of rescinding the LUMA contract is outside its authority and directly contradicts long-term plans for Puerto Rico’s future.‘, the company expressed in written statements requested by this medium.

LUMA explained that his contract was created by Contract for Operation and Maintenance of the Transmission and Distribution Network in Puerto Ricocheck it out Public-Private Partnerships Authority (Application)and directly aligned with the financial plans of Puerto Rico Control, Administration and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA).

The resident commissioner insisted, in a message from her Facebook page, this morning, that the Attorney General, Emmanuel Sundaythe Energy Bureau and the APP must start the analysis to achieve contract cancellation.

After highlighting their achievements in contrast to the country’s unease over poor service, LUMA asked the country’s political leadership to cooperate with them and not focus on past failures.

We respectfully urge elected officials to leave the past behind, work alongside us, and support the thousands of men and women at LUMA who are leading the rebuilding of the electrical system. We all share a responsibility to focus on creating positive change and work collaboratively to achieve a better energy future for all Puerto Ricans.‘, Honorable Luma.

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On his part, the Governor of Puerto Rico said, Peter Pierluisiwho had already shared his dissatisfaction with LUMA, preferred not to be too frank and told El Nuevo Día that they Consortium performance evaluation. “There has to be a major change in its implementation. If there isn’t, it will severely affect any decision I make.” He stated at a press conference as part of the initiation of the New Progressive Party (PNP) agreement.

The resident commissioner confirmed that she had put pressure on Loma “from day one”, but praised the fact that the governor also expressed his dissatisfaction with the company’s work.

In its statements, the company continued, “Although we frankly acknowledge that many challenges remain, the 3,000 people who make up our team at LUMA have worked hard to improve the electrical system.”

The Puerto Rico Energy Office He warned Thursday, in a resolution, that measures of outages in electrical service reflect that service has not improved since LUMA assumed, in June 2021, the operation of the country’s power transmission and distribution system. They expect LUMA and PREPA to respond to their poor performance on or before September 1.

LUMA responded that since taking over the transmission and distribution system for the country’s electrical system, it has focused on replacing equipment, not just repairing it.

“Since LUMA took over the electrical system, we have focused on replacing, not just repairing damaged components of the system. This comprehensive approach to problem solving has resulted in longer outages, but will result in a more reliable and resilient infrastructure,” LUMA shared.

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