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He mistakenly invited 487 people to his daughter's birthday party

He mistakenly invited 487 people to his daughter's birthday party

Emily King jokingly explained the invite mistake in a TikTok video (@twodachshundkings)

Mistakes made while using a cell phone are usually said to be made by the elderly, but that was not the case in this case. Emily King She is a 30-year-old teacher who lives there San Jose, California, She is pregnant and has a daughter He organized his first birthday party. Emily is almost expected to receive 50 guestsBut he made a big mistake when he used an application to send invitations: he sent 487 messages. So the one year birthday party had more guests than expected.

In one unusual incident that quickly went viral, a woman named Emily King was in a rush and was surprised to realize minutes later that she had used the app, which mistakenly sent calls. 500 people. This happened when I used the import contacts feature in the digital invitation app King “Except”With the aim of organizing a themed party “Lord of the Rings”. But instead of choosing specific guests, he extended the invitation at random 487 contacts Stored on your phone.

The incident occurred when King was looking for a simple, easy and quick way to send invitations to a girl's birthday.. The venue chosen for the celebration was a park. That means there will be no seating issues if nearly 500 guests have gone by mistake. Catering was available Sandwiches, tea and baked goods. There is going to be a real problem with the distribution of food. What was planned for 50 guests is unlikely to be enough for 500 people.

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Thank goodness this story went viral TikTok Emily uploaded to her account (@twodachshundkings). In the video, which is only 50 seconds long, she appears nearby as she tells what happened to her. The clip reached 13 million views and nearly 2 million likes.

Emily said of her decision to share what happened on TikTok: “I decided to make a TikTok because it was so badass and funny and I thought other people would think it was cool.” “I like to think I have a good sense of humor, and I'm happy that other people find humor in it,” he added.

A woman's misuse of the application went viral

Raja's husband and family “couldn't help but laugh.” “I couldn't stop laughing,” Emily said. “I was shocked, but it was so ridiculous that I could only laugh and immediately canceled the party … but 487 definitely got their calls.”

Mass invitations included a wide range of contacts, from acquaintances to acquaintances the king He broke up years ago. Among them were his colleagues and his boss. The situation, as King said on his TikTok, is a reflection on our digital connections and how technology can lead to unexpected situations when handled without proper care.

was among unwanted guests “Derek I Roll”, He was a graduate school professor “A Little Angry”said the king, and a handsome boy “Justin Delta Sky Lounge” He crossed paths on his way to New Zealand when he was 21 years old. Her science lab partner got an invitation, including her ex-boyfriends “Pretty boy from the bar.”

Seventy students from the school where Emily teaches are mistakenly invited to a party. Apparently there they talked about what happened. “A lot of funny 'I wasn't invited but you were' conversations,” King said.

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Fortunately, King said, many guests didn't RSVP because they thought they'd misunderstood or were embarrassed. After the error, the original list, which did not reach 50, increased. This time he decided to invite many of the people he had invited by mistake.

The app that Emily accidentally used to send the invitations was “Evid”. The app's administrators reached out to King after his hilarious situation went viral and sent him a gift card 250 dollars Use at the next party. They also sent a digital card wishing their daughter a happy birthday.