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He is the handsome son of Sergio Sendel who has everything to succeed in soap operas

He is the handsome son of Sergio Sendel who has everything to succeed in soap operas

One of the most iconic villains in the novels Sergio Senderwho is best known for his performance in novels such as “Loving you is my line”, “Mañana is forever” and “Soy Dueña” where he gained fame With his serious tone of voice and bold look that conquered the small screenIn addition to participating in the dubbing of children’s films such as Kan “ice Age “.

Not long agoShe appeared in melodramas “My fortune is to love you” with David Zepeda s Susana GonzalezAfter, after Get out of the limelight for a whileIn addition to scandals in which he was involvedHowever The actor left an inheritance with his two sons, who decided to follow the same path.

In 1996 TV Icon He married Marcela RodriguezAs a result of that relationship, his twins were born. Elsa Valeria s Sergio Graco Later the couple divorced, but they continued to visit their children. From a young age they knew the work done by their father And the first to participate in this medium was ElsaWho is the He started his career in Mexican productionsin which she played Barbara, the girlfriend of Alex’s brother Luis Miguel In the singer’s biographies.

The new cast is 24 years old. Photo: Exclusive

While Graco did not seem interested in acting, he has since Sport was one of his ambitionsin particular the box, where He had forged his career as a “head coach” in specialist sports in Mexico City. However, a few days ago he posted pictures of the recordings in it He will participate and will appear for the first time in the novel From “My Way Is To Love You” which they star in Gabriel Soto s Susana Gonzalez.

Graduated in Creation and Business Development Photo: Special

It is not known what role his character will play, but there are expectations following the path his father took. the product Nicandro Diaz New cast and characters announced. Hi Rebecca Mankita, Nicole Coryell s Graco SantallaThe creator added in an Instagram post where you can see the recent graduate feature as Tony.

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