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He approached what he thought was an alligator on a Florida beach, but was shocked when he came face-to-face with it.

Last Thursday, a Treasure Island police officer in Florida made a strange discovery. While walking along a beach in this city, He saw a huge crocodile on the sand. The officer tried to corner him. However, the reptile did not respond to his actions, so he moved closer until he touched its tail. Then he discovered that it was not a real animal but a sand sculpture.

The facts were shared via Twitter, On the official website of the city of FloridaIt is located 45 kilometers from Tampa. “Look at the size of that alligator one of our officers tried to contact on Treasure Island Beach last night!”, they wrote at noon on Friday. The publication was accompanied by a photograph of what was said to be a reptile. In this, they noticed that the sand sculpture, realistically depicted, was being carried away by the tail of the statue of the guard. The sculptor added details such as scales on its back and fangs on its nose.This convinced the agent that it was a real reptile.

Treasure Island officials shared the story of the sand alligator on their social media.Twitter/@TresIslandFL

It’s okay it’s not a real crocodile, just a handmade sand sculpture, they explained in the same post. The image was so well done that the police had to crush it because it was sea turtle nesting season in Florida. A dummy animal can be a hindrance to this processin detail Mediterranean Sea Life Centre.

For their part, Treasure Island officials wrote in a second tweet: “We love talented people who create works of art in the sand, But since this is turtle nesting season, don’t forget to break the sandbars/sculptures before you leave. The sea turtles will thank you.”

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It is common to encounter alligators in Florida because the state is their natural habitat. however, They usually live in swamps, rivers and freshwater lakes, not near the sea. According to the Smithsonian National Zoo, the organism of these animals does not allow them to tolerate salt water for long. On their official site.

However, there are crocodiles that defy nature and appear in unusual places, May 7 swimmer at a beach located on Dauphin Island, Alabama. The reptile surprised people as it emerged from the sea and then walked across the sand. A witness shared these facts on social media.

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A crocodile washed ashore on the coast of Alabama, USA; Tourists left there as a precaution

“Things you think you can’t see. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen an alligator on Dauphin Island on the west side. Be careful.”, the man wrote on his Facebook account. The post contained photos and videos. “It’s not every day that something like this happens, it’s common to see them in Dog River (Alabama) and the bird sanctuary, but never in the bay. I know that if I don’t take a picture, no one will believe it.”, the same user pointed out to local media.