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"Hártese como chucho", the strange name that cemented María's work

“Hártese como chucho”, the strange name that cemented María’s work

A modest dining room in Tegucigalpa financially emerged after an innovative name that attracts all diners in the area.

Honduras Maria Canterero, a single mother of three, is starting to recover economically in times of crisis due to the Covid-19 epidemic, thanks in part to her friend Pablo Espinal’s idea that the modest dining room she opened was called “Hártese como pooch”.

In Honduras, saying that someone is a “chucho (dog) is so bored,” because at most, it can have an emotional connotation between friends and family, but the phrase can also be a disdain, which did not happen with María’s dining room.

It turns out that Mariah, after her marriage, which she reached in her twenties, began to search for a way to earn a living and support her three children in jobs in the informal economy, which she did not succeed in, according to his account. To Channel 3 of Honduran TV in Tegucigalpa.

Things were going badly for Maria, in the municipality of Toccoa, Colón province, in the Caribbean, Honduras, due to the same economic crisis afflicting her country, which has been exacerbated since March 2020 by the Covid-19 epidemic and two tropical storms. , In November.

The distinguished name of the company succeeded in attracting more customers. Image / Illustration and non-commercial /

The last thing Maria decided to do was set up a modest, informal dining room in a corner of Toccoa, well ventilated. Pablo told her for her that if she wanted to have many clients, she should call it “Hártese como chucho”.

A large sign, along the small dining room, with a picture at one end of an elegantly dressed man savoring a “pallida” (a Honduran dish) and a plate of two “palladas” on the other side, was enough to start Mariah’s work to fill the “dogs” during the day and at night.

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Overrun in social networks

Pablo said he came up with the name because it was a common phrase among Hondurans, and the good thing was that it attracted diners to Maria, who questioned her friend’s idea, because for her it would be like “dogs tell her ‘clients’.”

He added that his idea is “part of propaganda” and that what people may or may not think of in a pejorative sense, Maria should not worry.

The Honduran entrepreneur started by helping her kids start the dining room, but things also go, according to Maria’s story, she already has a friendly employee, with whom she takes charge of cooking and other tasks required by the business, in one with space of no more than eight “chuchos” clients.

Many customers, due to the covid-19 pandemic, are buying food to go.
Other attractions in Maria’s dining room are the large portions of her plates, so that the “little girl” with good teeth can eat her filling; And the cost is very low.

Diners began to frequent Mariah’s dining room. Image / Illustration and non-commercial /

The dining room offers its customers breakfast, lunch or dinner dishes based on beans, eggs, avocado, cheese, butter, rice, fried ripe bananas, cooked green bananas and pasta, among other foods, so that dinner can decide what to order from the improvised menu.

Maria indicated that if any government authority can help her, she will be grateful for her home, because she does not own a home, as she lives in the house of a friend of hers from Mosquitia, Honduras, who provided her shelter.

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Thanks to his friend Pablo, the “Hártese como chucho” dining room, which was inaugurated about two months ago, is making a huge hit on social networks, with messages from Toccoa residents inviting Hondurans to visit Toccoa, for tourism, and to seize the opportunity “fed up like dogs”.