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The Office of the Prosecutor analyzes in the “Las Torres” case the use of the same mechanism that was disclosed in the concussion criminal proceedings against the former financial controller, Carlos Bullitt | Politics News

In the case of organized crime, 9 officials and former officials of the Comptroller’s Office, Petroecuador, the Presidency Secretariat and individuals have been prosecuted.

“The mechanism used in this corruption scheme, as we have already seen in the case of former Comptroller General Carlos Bullitt, consists of dissolving the luster through solutions in the body.” This is how Attorney General Diana Salazar summarized minutes after the end of the hearing to draft charges for the crime. Organized crime, early Wednesday morning Finally, the participation of the observer (s), Pablo Sile de la Torre, in the organized structure that was formed to commit “various crimes” against the security and efficiency of the public administration.

Sealy remained as Deputy Comptroller after Carlos Bullitt traveled in mid-2017 to Miami, USA, and left the position of Comptroller General, all in the middle of 2017. Open criminal investigations into crimes such as unlawful association Concussion linked to the corruption scheme carried out by the Brazilian company Odebrecht in Ecuador.

Nine people including Celie and her brother Esteban; Former Secretary to the Presidency of the Republic José Augusto Briones and his brother Luis Agusto Briones; Silvia L. Angelo R. Andres L. Natalia Cardenas, former advisor to ex-Petroecuador’s director Pablo Flores; And Elsie C. They were held in operations in Quito, Guayaquil and Samporondon between Monday night and Tuesday dawn.

A strict six-year prison sentence for concussion against former Financial Controller Carlos Bullitt

Against the First Seven Defendants, CNJ Judge Felipe Cordova, I was remanded in custody since Wednesday morning In the past, the men were transferred to Prison 4 in Quito; While Sylvia L. To the Chilugalo Women’s Prison.

Elsie C., on the other hand, was not subjected to any precaution and Cárdenas were ordered to use an electronic entry, a rotating display every eight days, and a ban from leaving the country.

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The relationship that the Attorney General is talking about between the Sealy and Paulette case, regarding the mechanism used to commit the crimes, will proceed from the premise that in both cases, acts of corruption were committed by the Comptroller’s office to dispel the words that were present in Against companies in exchange for handing over money as bribes.

Substitute Comptroller, Pablo Seeley, minutes before the start of the hearing to draft charges, which was held in the National Court of Justice, on April 13th. Image courtesy

Celi is being investigated for an organized crime allegedly requesting and handing over money to Nolimit SA through his nephew Jose Raul de la Torre, who was sentenced in the US for money laundering, to dispel five terms that the company I stay in the office of the financial controller For an approximate amount of $ 13 million.

The supposedly disappeared flashing was signed by two sub-account controllers and everything was to be executed with the knowledge and mandate of the alternate financial controller. Organized crime for which an investigation was opened The 90-day attorney general will also include facts such as demand for funds to be disposed of And to ensure payroll is paid from Petroecuador to Nolimit.

Instead, Bullitt was sentenced to six years in prison for the crime of concussion. The Court decided that, as Comptroller General, he requested $ 10.1 million from Odebrecht to The shine fades for over $ 70 million related With the San Francisco project and to provide favorable reports from the office of the Brazilian Comptroller regarding the projects in which he participated.

Odebrecht: A Conversation Between Carlos Paulet and José Conceicao dos Santos Filho (Part 2)

Courts of first and second instance and all three judges of cassation The National Council of Journalists agreed that Pólit took advantage of his position and passed Between 2010 and 2015, “requests” and “threats” managed to get $ 6 million from Odebrecht to dispel the gloss related to the San Francisco Hydroelectric Power Station and $ 4.1 million to not release luminescence in projects like Pascuales-Cuenca Poliducto, Pacific, Channel No Esperanza and others.

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In December 2017, Jose Santos, former director of Odebrecht in Ecuador, gave his early testimony in the concussion case against Bullitt. There, the Brazilian described the former observer as a “fourth estate.” In the country, because, according to him, Paulette had a “marvelous power.”Used by them to “threaten” and “blackmail” public officials and private companies for their own benefits.

Santos said $ 10.1 million has been handed over to Bullitt Criticism and transfers to remove administrative terms related to the San Francisco hydropower project and so that the Comptroller and his group of reviewers not issue “baseless glossaries” against Odebrecht on five projects that were operating in Ecuador.

In the case of the concussion against Pólit, the use of companies and accounts abroad to distribute cash received was investigated to disappear and not to issue glossaries from the Office of the Comptroller.

Already in the process of organized crime, the prosecutor’s office, plus to say that it was Celi who gave Getting rid of the shine for the benefit of the company, to collect the salaries of Petroecuador, He indicated that Jose Agusto Briones, who had abused his position, had asked Pablo Flores, director of Petroecuador, to keep Jose Raul de la Torre in the institution, who had demanded that gifts be delivered to Nolimit SA.

Luis Agusto Briones indicated that he has the function of lending his accounts, and will appear as the ultimate beneficiary who received the funds through overseas companies and bank accounts of a Costa Rican company; Esteban Sealy was mentioned as the manager To manage the fading shine, exploiting the influences of his brother Pablo for money.

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Finally, de Cardenas was told that she was an active part of the illegal group and had a percentage of the final profit; Elsie C., who was in charge of cashing checks between 2017-2019 and did not record any economic activity; And Sylvia L. He was a shareholder in several oil companies, of which Luis Agusto Briones had been a client ever since In 2018, and that then-Secretary José Agusto Briones would have appointed her to receive benefits from this organization.

For Attorney General Diana Salazar, “the leaders of this organization held high public office.” At the top of the structure would be Celi and José Agusto Briones, who had abused the power and powers they had as public powers to participate in claiming payments. Unjustified in exchange for fading terminology and fulfilling payments The papers corresponding to the contracts signed between Petroecuador and Nolimit SA, between 2017 and 2020.

Carlos Bullitt was sentenced in absentia for concussion, as the offense charged with him could be tried without his presence; But in the Odebrecht illegal association case, where former Vice President Jorge was sentenced Glass, the former financial controller, has called for a trial pending since 2017, as the illegal association cannot be tried in absentia. (I)