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A woman spends years praying to a partner, believing him to be Buddha

A woman spends years praying to a partner, believing him to be Buddha

The unusual fact became known on social networks, when the hero of the story bought a green figure of Buddha, without thinking that her deity, for whom she had prayed for four years, was the famous mythological figure of DreamWorks ‘Shrek’.

In the world there are different religions and beliefs, among them philosophical and dogmatic currents such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, atheism and Islam.

As the well-known saying goes, “Faith moves mountains.” A phrase that could perfectly be applied to the story of this woman, who for four years committed herself to praying daily to her deity, the divine Buddha, without thinking that the character who had such devotion was the ogre “Shrek”.

The tale took place in the Philippines, when a woman bought a statue of Buddha, without thinking that it was the green ogre from fairy tales. Until one morning a friend visited her at home and remarked that the statue was Shrek.

Apparently, he got quite a surprise when his friend told him that this was Shrek, not Buddha; However, as some users argue, the woman was a “steadfast proof of faith” and as they say “pray to any saint”.

The post was shared by @somoscomos. In it, many netizens showed their ingenuity on Twitter: they created several memes and made fun of the situation.

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“If there was a Shrek religion, I would undoubtedly be a part of it,” “Praise be to you, Shrek,” “I hope you pray for Shrek for a long time that brings you wealth and health,” “Everyone prays for what you want,” these The story is very good” and “Swamp God”, had some reactions from netizens.

This is not the first time something similar has happened. In Brazil, an old woman prayed for years to someone from The Lord of the Rings, because of his brown tunic, crown and belt, she thought he was Saint Anthony, a Portuguese saint.

Several users on Facebook noticed that the character was “Elrond”, a troll from the popular series, which has nothing to do with the San Antonio statue.