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Hector Zelaya calls Nasrallah a “government paratrooper”

Hector Zelaya calls Nasrallah a “government paratrooper”

Presidential Private Secretary Hector Zelaya described the president's eldest son, Salvador Nasrallah, as a “paratrooper” on Wednesday after announcing his resignation from his post.

Reactions from the government regarding the resignation varied Salvador Nasrallah As a presidential appointee.

Salvador Nasrallah to Xiomara Castro: “He did not comply”

Honduran President Xiomara Castro was the first to do so, saying that Salvador Nasrallah had been slow to resign and had taken a salary without working.

Hector Zelaya, the president's eldest son and her private secretary, also referred to the leader of the El Salvador Party in Honduras as a “paratrooper.”

“The umbrella that the government had”

“Thank God, he was the first paratrooper the government had. Let him go to work, let him work in politics or in something worthwhile, and that's why everyone in Congress is happy and everyone will say it's time.”

President Castro's son continued the attack Nasrallah He pointed out that he only came to his office, but without working.

“When former President (Manuel) Zelaya started with that song, he sang that song called ‘Don’t Threaten Me’ and in one part he said ‘Why are you leaving when you're leaving and you're leaving and you're not leaving? “does not left”. He said: “Praise be to God and we thank him for the service he provided by his mere presence.”

He added, “We would have liked him to follow our example in that he does not receive a salary and works 24 hours a day, but he did the opposite because he does not work and receives a salary.”

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Finally, he told him: “You now have the opportunity to work in politics, to go to the cities and start working, which is something we have been doing all our lives.”

Alliance from Salvador Nasrallah With Lieber, he did not last even a year after the engineer denounced his signing of an agreement with the presidential family and they did not keep their word.