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Nearly 5,000 Cubans are trying to change their immigration status in Uruguay

Nearly 5,000 Cubans are trying to change their immigration status in Uruguay

Today, there are about five thousand Cuban immigrants in Uruguay awaiting adjustment of their status in that South American country. Most of them are still not classified as refugees. It is also not an option for anyone to give up their asylum application for permanent residence.

The current situation of Cuban immigrants in the lands of Charoa was reported in a report published by the Spanish newspaper Country. Official data show that as of December 2023, Uruguay had 24,193 pending asylum applications.

Wait times are endless for applicants. The period can reach two years, a situation that has led to several collapses in the management system, according to the UNHCR.

For example, in 2023 alone, 9,129 people requested political asylum in Uruguay, including 7,293 Cuban citizens.

Temporary document

While cases come and go and deadlines are extended, with regard to the settlement of outstanding cases, Uruguay issues an interim document. With it, migrants can work for two years and obtain health and educational services. However, they are not allowed to initiate family reunification processes.

To obtain a certain type of residency in Uruguay, Cubans and other foreigners must meet several requirements. It is necessary that they submit documents with the corresponding consular visa. Do not forget that immigrants from Cuba need a visa to enter Uruguay.

To complete the procedure, those born on the island travel to the Uruguayan consulate in Brazil, even if they have lived in Uruguay for a year or more. There they obtained the visa and continued the residency procedures.

However, the option of obtaining a Uruguayan visa in the neighboring country has become complicated since January 2023. After that, Uruguay began requiring an entry or exit stamp from Brazil in the Cuban passport.