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Hamilton is being sued for making his dog a vegetarian;  I can go to jail

Hamilton is being sued for making his dog a vegetarian; I can go to jail

one of the The best drivers in Formula 1 I will be in very serious problem It was recently announced Lewis HamiltonFrom the Mercedes team You could go to jail for making your dog vegan, where in the UK there is a file animal protection law Very strict and raped her.

Louis Hamilton, who received the mark obscene VerstappenAnd Usually Download a lot of pictures with Roscoe, who accompanied him to the races Formula 1In his great victories and important moments; currently A setback in his life could put him behind bars If the complaint is submitted to a legal scope.

How about Hamilton and his vegan dog?

Lewis Hamilton Share many moments with Roscoe employment Social media, even your dog has an Instagram profile where it is ‘defined’ as ‘a vegetarian who loves to travel, Play ball and get the attention of all the girls.” This first characteristic is what can lead the British to prison.

In the British media it was reported There is a public complaint against Lewis Hamilton by the organization “blue cross” Who does not agree with that Roscoe sea vegan It unleashed a wave of complaints.

The boss from British Veterinary AssociationAnd Daniela dos SantosHe said, “If your personal belief system means you don’t want to eat any animal protein, that’s fine, but NSs“The diet is not designed to meet your pet’s standards of care.”

What punishment can Hamilton pay after this fact?

The UK Animal Welfare Act states that Hamilton, because he made Roscoe vegan, I can pay a A fine of 24 thousand euros, as well as pass 51 weeks in prison, something irreversible.

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The Good news by Lewis Hamilton Is this the The complaint was only public, Plus Not in legal cases, so if someone goes to the authorities, they denounce it and an investigation is opened, where it turns out that they committed this crime.A Formula 1 driver can be deprived of his freedomUnless you have a good defense.