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“Halloween party ends with shooting, smashing cars, and trash in the streets of the colonial area.”  Daily menu

“Halloween party ends with shooting, smashing cars, and trash in the streets of the colonial area.” Daily menu

Residents of Hostos and Padre Bellini Streets woke up on Sunday to chaos, garbage, stench and discomfort caused by Saturday night’s masquerade party in which young people from other cities participated in Duarte Park in the Colonial District.

One of those affected is Bartolomé Castro, who left his car parked as usual for more than 10 years on Hostos Street and unknown persons entered and broke the hood and hood of the car.

“There is a new fan, this is the house, the other parts of the neighborhood, the other parts of the house, the defense, the parrillas, to do the work, there are a lot of people in the Halloween festival,” he said. the Knight.

Castro stressed that it is uncertain whether insurance will cover the costs of repairing the car, which he estimates will exceed 25,000 pesos.

Mess, trash, stench and discomfort left a masquerade party on Saturday night.

During his 40-year stay in the area, he expressed that this is an activity that he has never witnessed before, so it is something that the authorities should pay more attention to.

“This was something I had never experienced before, I had seen it in my life here in the colonial zone, I live my whole life and I am 40 years old, here in front of me and I have never seen it before, this is from one bad to another. Worse still, every day is worse.”

Remnants of alcohol, broken bottles, and the strong smell of urine were prevalent in the vicinity of the aforementioned park, where the elderly and those affected also resided.

They also expressed the presence of the tourist police (Politor), which was minimal, and only appeared at night, without controlling the situation that ended with people running and shooting, as shown in videos posted on social media.

Residents expressed their frustration with the situation that is changing the coexistence of the Strip, and expressed their hope that the authorities would take strong action to put an end to these types of actions.

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