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Canciller haitiano sobre deportación de embarazadas: “La solución no se logrará unilateralmente"

Haiti’s Foreign Minister on the deportation of pregnant women: “The solution will not be achieved unilaterally”

“A permanent solution to this problem will not be achieved unilaterally, but through close cooperation between the two countries,” Haitian Foreign Minister Jean-Victor Genius said regarding the presence of women in labor from his country in Dominican hospitals.

Genius made this statement during an interview with journalist Robinson Jeffrard of Le Nouvelliste, referring to cases of pregnant Haitian women in health centers, who were later deported.

He also stated that “duly authorized” Haitian women would continue to have access to hospitals, while “others” would be refused.

Meanwhile, the two countries should take all measures to neutralize Smuggling networks that encourage Haitian women to use Dominican hospitals while exploiting them economically.”

Similarly, in his conversation with Jeffrard, the foreign minister of Haiti highlighted the importance of relations with the Dominican Republic, noting the need to maintain coexistence between the two countries.

However, he stated that the Dominican authorities should consult with their Haitian counterparts before making decisions that might directly harm them.

“Like any good doctor who talks to his patient, the doctor should first address us on issues that concern us directly,” the official said.

Student visas

In early November last year, the Dominican government decided to suspend the special visa program for Haitian students in the country indefinitely.

Such a measure did not affect those who were already in the country, but those who intended to order it.

Regarding the case, Généus explained that the decision was made because they were trying to identify those who had benefited from this program without being eligible,

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Likewise, he said his counterpart in the Dominican Republic, Roberto Alvarez, announced the resumption of the program in charge of the Haitian embassy.