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Habits to achieve your goals in life

Habits to achieve your goals in life

Achieve success It means achieving the goals and objectives that each person sets for himself, so it is important to be aware of what you want in order to apply the tools that will help you achieve it. There are techniques that can be used to help Achieving life goals. In this sense, Hirotaka Takeuchi, an academic of management practices at Harvard Business School, and Kojiro Nonaka, an academic at Hitotsubashi University in Japan, investigated Habits Which can be applied to everyday life and which can be long term the key of success.

These tips are collected in the book The Wise Company: How Companies Create Continuous Innovation (Oxford University Press, 2019), where the two professors take as an example the way companies model their growth trajectory and turn it into recommendations for people, in pursuit of their own goals. In this way, six habits emerged that must be followed to improve the future:

The six habits for success


Build a routine

Routine is the key to organizing thoughts. Therefore, if a person is planning to adopt a healthier life, they must create a training and eating regimen.


Train the brain to find the nuances

What the Harvard experts suggest at this point is not to choose one option on a particular issue or problem, but rather to train your thoughts to find a solution in which the two options can coexist.


Spend more time outdoors

Participating in outdoor activities is a great way to improve your mood. the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Point out that spending time outdoors can improve general health and well-being. This practice promotes mental health and reduces stress.


Be an inspiration to others

At this point, experts explain, it is not a matter of feeling uncomfortable with the success of others, but rather of paying attention to the steps that others follow in order to repeat them.


ask questions

This practice mainly consists of defining each person’s mission, vision and values. Specifically, they suggest asking three questions: “Why am I here?” “,” What do I want to achieve? and “What principles do I value most in a person?”


is reading

Reading habits help find new ways of seeing the world. from Pascual Maragall Foundation They also point in this direction, as they ensure that it is an ideal brain stimulating activity. It provides knowledge, enhances attention and concentration, and exercises memory and imagination.

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