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Gustavo Sánchez llama «muchachitos» a Yeni Berenice y Wilson Camacho

Gustavo Sanchez Calls Yeni Bernice and Wilson Camacho ‘Little Boys’

spokesperson Parliament of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD)And Gustavo SanchezToday, they are called “boys” attorneys. New Bernese s Wilson Camacho.

“To mention in a sinister way, the desire to pursue politics is a misguidance.” Public Prosecution. And I say it because they are very responsive, Before any of us, the boys come out to respond immediatelyHappy Sanchez.

“Boys, if you don’t keep answering them to leave their cliches for what they understand is a political cliché, but it’s a cliché to say Public Prosecution “It’s armored,” the legislator said.

“Using political clichés does not indicate accusation,” Yenny Bernice in the PLD complaint

Even if Gustavo Sanchez The judges are not mentioned by name New Bernese s Wilson CamachoThe statement comes after they indicated that they are not responding to politicians.

Gustavo suggested to the deputy prime ministers that they see themselves in “the scenario we are in, you will be because the power, unlike the driver, is temporary”.


The legislator for the Purple Party warned that this political organization would not be besieged.

“They want a corner PLD, the PLD He pointed out that he does not surround himself, and no one is able to surround him.

“the Public Prosecution Take advantage of the police force and even Armed forces He intends to intimidate an organization based on intimidation. We do not intimidate ourselves, do not be ashamed of our responsibilities, do not leave with false passports, do not emigrate, we face justice. Since then Public Prosecution They want to charge that they are political questions and that the politicians answer them, it is possible that they are answering the politicians if they are not politicians.”

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Gustavo Sanchez confirmed that Public Prosecution Become a spokesman for the ruling party PRM.

‘Which – which Public Prosecution He becomes a spokesman for the ruling party in the face of the attack they intend to launch against us. They do so outright because they know that within 40 months they will be required to submit to popular scrutiny. And they know exactly who they should undermine all of their expectations PLDHappy Sanchez.

PLD MPs withdraw from the session in which it became known as the Penal Code

“They want to criminalize third parties on the basis of holding them jointly responsible without filing an accusation that would force the former president to appear in court,” he added.

“All of that no matter what position we are in to comply with the law, and Danilo Medina Like any Dominican, he will respond to any scenario he tries to blame himself for,” he said.


It has been pointed out since then Public Prosecution They sought to fill Dominican society with “hate”.

“Hate should not prevail in any of our institutions and that Public Prosecution What fills this society with hatred.” Gustavo Sanchez.

“Lawmakers act out of fear,” says Penal Code MP