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Chile Election 2021: Faces of Change in Chile: A New Generation Comes to La Moneda with Borek |  international

Chile Election 2021: Faces of Change in Chile: A New Generation Comes to La Moneda with Borek | international

the new The President-elect of Chile, Gabriel Borek, At the beginning of 2021, he took up the challenge of raising the candidacy for the presidency in the broad front. He was chosen for his leadership, for the political ability he demonstrated in November 2019, when he agreed to draft a new constitution that would open the way for revolutions, despite internal criticism in his coalition. Luck also worked in his favour: The deputy had the minimum age to run for La Moneda under Chilean law, 35, just turned this year, in February. His political partner on the Broad Front, Congressman Giorgio Jackson, his campaign political strategist, is only 34 years old. It was a practical decision that It ended with a landslide political victory on Sunday at the polls: With 4,600,000 votes (55%), the highest support achieved by any president, he will be Chile’s new head of state and the leader of generational change who will make his debut in March in La Moneda.

Izekia Sichis, a 35-year-old physician, is a strong and popular figure in the Borek environment. In fact, on Sunday night, he was the only character that Borek raised on the stage, where neither the parties nor the political leaders were present. On Monday, when the president-elect visited current president, Sebastian Pinera, in La Moneda, she and Jackson accompanied him. Siches were the main reinforcement in the second round, which arrived as campaign manager. When he announced it, he delivered an emotional speech praised by his followers: “I look at my daughter’s face and know what I must do,” said Sechesis, who is credited with reversing the results achieved by Borek in various areas. Chile, because in these weeks he did a solid regional job.

Accompanied by her daughter, who is only a few months old, the doctor led a tour of several regions of the country, popular among Borek’s supporters, to cheers on Sunday night. A former member of the Communist Party and current supporter of the Broad Front, in 2017, she became the first woman to head the trade union of the Faculty of Medicine, and achieved great popularity in the context of the pandemic, especially to confront the government in the worst weeks of the health crisis. His critics often remind him that he supports the complete closure of the city of Santiago, despite the fact that it was a measure that was ultimately not implemented.

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When the left was looking for a candidate last March, Izkia Siches was one of the alternatives, especially for the environment of Michelle Bachelet, organized in Chile through a foundation, where they look at it with great interest. As one of the powerful figures installed last year in Chile, she looks like a very likely minister to President Borek, perhaps from the health portfolio. It would be a great political springboard, as was the case for Michelle Bachelet herself, who arrived in 2000 as a health leader. In the government of Ricardo Lagos Being anonymous and her star with the people took her twice to the presidency. Seches’ relationship with the president-elect is long and close. One of the photos shows them as students from the University of Chile — she’s in medicine and he’s in law — marching into the 2011 student protests.

Borek’s constituency consists of three other political-born leaders of the university rallies in the first Pinera government, in 2011. Rep. Giorgio Jackson, of the Party of the Democratic Revolution of the Broad Front (which will have 10 representatives and a senator from next. March), and the two communist leaders Camilla Vallejo and Carol Cariola, one of the trunks of the first Borek pact to agree to Dignity. None of them are over 35 years old: engineer Jackson is 34, geographer Vallejo is 33 and nurse Cariola is 34. But they all actually enjoyed a long life in politics. They were released in Congress in March 2014. The three, like Borek, chose to enter Parliament, and from this space they pushed various initiatives together, such as the project setting a maximum of 40 hours of work per week. In the meantime, the two women were significant faces of the new Chilean feminist wave that showed its power on the streets even before the 2019 social outburst.

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They are all left-wing leaders who did not experience dictatorship in the first person, because they were born in the middle or end of the dictatorship in the 1980s. In addition to setting a green agenda, for greater social rights and for the benefit of women, dissidents, and children – Borek began his talk with a special mention of boys and girls – the democratic collapse of 1973 is very present in his story. 17 years dictatorship. The president-elect usually quotes or winks at Allende, and human rights abuses are a constant theme of this entire generation. But although there were differences between them—the Communist Party wasn’t in agreement on the new constitution that Borek signed, and who with Jackson was more pragmatic—they formed a seat in Congress with a clear generational friendship.

All four are currently MPs, although the only person to run for re-election for the 2022-2026 term was Cariola. Neither Jackson nor Vallejo wanted to compete for the third time, calling for substitution. Vallejo also commented on the need to be with his seven-year-old daughter. “He told me ‘Mom, I understand there are a lot of people who need you for your work, but I need you too.'” When your daughter starts saying these things to you, you realize that you have to start listening to her,” the Communist MP reflected a few months ago when she explained the reasons for not returning to Congress.

Known for their drag on social media — Jackson even broadcast his dawn congressional vote to impeach Piñera and Vallejo has TikTok — they all seem to be strong candidates for the ministries or key advisors to the future government that opens in March 2022 In the meantime, Cariola could play an important role in Parliament.

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They are part of the new generation of the left, critical of the transition, who managed to go from 25% to 55% between the first and second rounds with moderate rhetoric. But the endless rubbish with these five faces. Sociologist Miguel Crespi, 36, of Jackson’s Democratic Revolution Party — the son of a Bachelet Socialist minister — is one of those who could be members of Borek’s government. It will be the Socialist MP Maya Fernandez, the granddaughter of Allende (50 years old), who will certainly be in the narrow circle of the president in the coming period. She was one of those who announced her support for Borek even before his formation was decided upon. She is the daughter of Beatrice My Father Allende, the president’s most political and very close daughter, who died in exile in Cuba in the early years of the dictatorship when Representative Fernandez was still very young.

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