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Google researchers use headphones to measure users’ pulse

Google researchers use headphones to measure users’ pulse

The feature was rolled out to noise-canceling devices via a software update. (Google)

a group of Researchers to Google It developed an additional function for hearing aids that could eventually be integrated as part of the company’s new product features: the ability to measure users’ pulse just as the device does. smart watch Through special sensors located on the devices’ wrist.

According to the scientific article published by the company on its specialized website, headphones equipped with noise cancellation and their characteristics were used. OS To add a special feature called “acoustic plethysmography,” which uses ultrasound waves to measure rhythm Cardiac muscles of users.

According to the document he wrote Xiaoran fanworld Google; And Trusty ThurmondsonThe company’s hardware engineer points out that the way this pulse recording system works is by “sending low-intensity ultrasound waves.”

Researchers claim that these sounds generate echoes within channel audio They are then received by small microphones built into the device, which are later translated into a scale on which the user’s pulse can be seen.

Google develops a function that allows hearing aids to measure pulse (Google)

The research also indicated that this system can function properly even with other variables that can affect the reception of information. music Active and bad situation for Headphones And even different sizes of Ear canals It had no relevant effect on the functionality of the new hearing aid.

However, one scenario that affected the use of these devices was to request Of these measures in very noisy scenarios (even with noise cancellation), as well as excessive body movement.

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However, scientists point out that this problem can be easily solved by using different frequencies Ultrasoundso that only those that work correctly in each scenario are used.

The study conducted by the researchers also included testing different models in which the efficiency of the location of the microphones that would be responsible for receiving the echo resulting from ultrasound waves inside the ear canal was tested. more than 153 participants They were the collaborators in these tests, and it was concluded that the measurement had an average error rate of only 2 3.21%.

Google Headphones could include heart rate recording functionality in the future. (To Simon Nagel/DPA)

Yes good Google The company was responsible for implementing these studies Results were reached that would allow the creation of new systems in the future, but this does not mean that… a company It is currently actively developing new versions of these devices.

What can be concluded from this study is that Google is planning to create a version of hearing aids. Pixel Buds Pro (Or an update for your device Programming) which will integrate these functions in the future.

according to Googlethe new audio system Plethysmography Yes, he can transform Headphones In “Responsive and smart headphones with an update Programming (…) Most importantly, this function represents new knowledge in Biomedical research And cell phones.”

The company also highlights the potential for this feature to enable the development of new detection capabilities. Hearing problems At low cost.

This wouldn’t be the first time the company has used it Headphones As a means of providing health services. Manzana He currently holds a patent describing the sensing system in… AirPod Pro This would allow, among other things, to measure the temperature of users.

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