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Google Pixel 8: This will be the camera with artificial intelligence

Google Pixel 8: This will be the camera with artificial intelligence

A prototype of what is supposed to be the Pixel 8 Pro.

Telephone approach pixel to Google He has always been in front of the camera, and it seems like a lot of new things are coming next Main From the giant technology that has been filtered according to its characteristics Camilla Wojciechowska For the gate 91 mobileIt will include new tools for editing photos with artificial intelligenceIn addition to manual camera control.

This is the job status “Magic Editor” This will come on the Pixel 8, which allows the user to redo anything Photography Take to make it look the way you want; In fact, you can also select multiple photos taken from the same situation and combine them into one shot so everyone is smiling and looking at the camera at the same time. In addition, you will also be able to move objects in the photo, remove objects from the background, and replace the midday sky with a sunset.

The Pixel 8 will include new AI-powered photo editing functions. (91 mobile)

For videos, several tools have also been developed, e.g “Video Enhancement”which Google says will use artificial intelligence to create a more flexible display, or “Night scene” For low-light videos and “Voice Eraser”a feature capable of reducing ambient background sounds, such as city noise.

While the new style camera is controlled manually DSLR (Digital SLR camera) Allows you to adjust the shooting speed dam And the ISO to an image, in addition to having a slider to focus.

The Pixel Camera app has DSLR-style manual controls. (91 mobile)

The specifications also reveal that Pixel 8 Pro It will include a better camera system with a new ultra-wide lens 48 megapixel With field of view 125.5 degrees And a telephoto lens 48 megapixel. While the input form that will be Pixel 8you get an ultra-wide camera 12 megapixel Similar to the Pixel 7 Pro, which increases its field of view from 114 degrees to 125.8.

Google has leaked a 3D simulator for the Pixel 8 Pro, and there don’t appear to be any major software changes on the home screen. (Google)

Google He was largely responsible for leaking more details to the world about his arrival MainIn fact, when its launch became very close, the same tech giant put a 360-degree simulator online that allows you to observe the device from back to front and from top to bottom.

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in it 3D virtual journey It has been confirmed that the phone will come in three colours Pale blue, porcelain sand and black. Additionally, the Pixel 8 Pro will feature a new temperature sensor on the back next to the cameras.

The simulator displays the phone in three colors; Pale blue, porcelain sand and black. (Google)

Among other specifications, the Pixel reserves a slot for SIM cardThere appears to be a step between the curved rear glass and the frame Aluminium. Additionally, there don’t appear to be any major software changes to the home screen.

The leak was quickly resolved and it is no longer possible to select the model in the list of devices that appears on the page Pixel emulator.

Regarding the design, a few days ago, Google also leaked a bug picture His web page shows a man receiving a phone call at Pixel 8 Pro In ceramics.

At first glance, the new flagship phone does not deviate from the style that distinguishes it, and it will have curved edges and a photographic module that extends along the back of the device.

Google accidentally leaked this image of a close-up of the Pixel 8 Pro, even though it has not announced the phone yet. (Google)

Launch all news pixel series It will be held at an event called “Made by Google”the next October 4 in New York , just like last year. In addition, the search giant will broadcast the event live from Youtube.

The Pixel 8 will arrive with a display 6.1 inches With support for 120 Hz, while the Pixel 8 Pro will have a screen 6.7 inches.

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Besides these models, Google will also provide Pixel Watch 2the wearable device codenamed “eos” will arrive with a design almost identical to that of its predecessor, although it is committed to being more powerful and lighter.