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iPhone 15 Plus is the iPhone with the longest battery in history

iPhone 15 Plus is the iPhone with the longest battery in history

Our battery test crowns the iPhone 15 Plus as the iPhone with the longest battery life in history.

The iPhone 15 Plus battery capacity is 4383 mAh

One of the latest iPhone battery tests shows that the iPhone 15 Plus is Apple’s smartphone with it Longest battery life ever. While the rest of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models are out of battery…the iPhone 15 Plus still has 17% remaining!

in Your YouTube channelMrwhosetheboss conducted extensive battery testing across multiple iPhone models including iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max To find out which iPhone has the best battery in the world. winner? iPhone 15 Plus.

iPhone battery test

iPhone 15

Battery test Mrwhosetheboss

Until now, according to their latest analysis. The iPhone 13 Pro Max held the title of iPhone with the best battery in history. Now the crown goes to the iPhone 15 Plus. Battery testing consists of running a series of processes and applications simultaneously on different iPhone models to see which one of them drains the battery last.

This time Mrwhosetheboss was using apps like TikTok, Spotify, Zoom, YouTube, GBT Chat And others. Initially, the iPhone 15 Pro Max had the best battery life, but the iPhone 15 Plus quickly took the lead.

In principle, information about the battery capacity of the iPhone 15 models indicates that the iPhone 15 Plus has a battery of 4383 mAh And duration 20 hours In video playback, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a battery of 4422 mAh With autonomy 25 hours In video playback, according to Apple’s official data.

iPhone 15

Apple has integrated a USB-C port into all of its iPhone 15 devices

The Mrwhosetheboss battery test shows that it’s not the official technical specifications of the battery that matter much, but rather the daily usage. And Daily use of the iPhone 15 Plus will give you greater independence. In addition, it is a very complete battery test in which all kinds of applications are used that perform operations related to the camera, speakers and processor of the device. A fact to keep in mind for many consumers who are considering buying a new iPhone 15 soon.

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Among the new iPhone 15 models, The first device whose battery drained was the iPhone 15 ProFollowed by the iPhone 15 and then the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The iPhone 15 Plus, as we noted, was the last iPhone standing tall in this epic battery battle.

iPhone 15 Plus is the iPhone with the longest battery in historyiPhone 15

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