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Google advises its employees not to use ChatGPT or chatbot Bard |  AI |  artificial intelligence |  technology

Google advises its employees not to use ChatGPT or chatbot Bard | AI | artificial intelligence | technology

Google She advised her workers not to use chatbots like ChatGPT or her Bard. The company would have given this notice because in most cases confidential material is used that these AIs can reveal when they speak to third parties or are reviewed by their developers.

Alphabet Inc (Google) warns employees about how they use chatbots, including its own Bardsaid four people familiar with the matter, while also marketing the program around the world.“, pointing to .

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The Company seeks to prevent disclosure of proprietary information. “A Google parent has advised employees not to enter their sensitive material into AI chatbotsThe people said and the company confirmed, citing a long-standing data protection policy.he adds.

Because the information given to the AI ​​is stored for it to learn, other users can access it. “Chatbots, including Bard and ChatGPT, are humanoid programs that use so-called generative artificial intelligence to have conversations with users and respond to countless prompts. Chats can be read by human reviewers, and researchers have found that a similar AI can reproduce data it absorbed during training, creating a risk of leakage.“, Add.

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In addition, the parent of Google has also warned against programming with any of these artificial intelligences. “Alphabet has also alerted its engineers to Avoid direct use of computer code that chatbots can generatesome people said“, Concludes.

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This is not the first case in which the company has practically banned the use of chatbots at work. The most famous case was that of Samsung, where some workers used these AI models and entered confidential information, and ended up being exposed to third parties.. To date, the Korean company is going to develop its own artificial intelligence with these characteristics.

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